NHL Playoffs Round 1 – Open Thread


    NHL Playoffs Schedule

    SERIES A - A1 vs. W2TIME (ET)     vs.  NETWORKS
    Friday, April 187:30 p.m.Detroit at BostonNBCSN, TSN
    Sunday, April 203 p.m.Detroit at BostonNBC, TSN
    Tuesday, April 227:30 p.m.Boston at DetroitNBCSN, TSN
    Thursday, April 248 p.m.Boston at DetroitNBCSN, TSN
    *Saturday, April 263 p.m.Detroit at BostonNBC, TSN
    *Monday, April 28TBDBoston at DetroitTSN
    *Wednesday, April 30TBDDetroit at BostonTSN
    SERIES B - A2 vs. A3TIME (ET)   vs.   NETWORKS
    Wednesday, April 167 p.m.Montreal at Tampa BayCBC, RDS, CNBC
    Friday, April 187 p.m.Montreal at Tampa BayCBC, RDS, CNBC
    Sunday, April 207 p.m.Tampa Bay at MontrealCBC, RDS, NBCSN
    Tuesday, April 227 p.m.Tampa Bay at MontrealCBC, RDS, NHLN U.S.
    *Thursday, April 247 p.m.Montreal at Tampa BayCBC, RDS, CNBC
    *Sunday, April 27TBDTampa Bay at MontrealCBC, RDS, NBCSN
    Tuesday, April 29TBDMontreal at Tampa BayCBC, RDS
    SERIES C - M1 vs. W1TIME (ET)   vs.   NETWORKS
    Wednesday, April 167:30 p.m.Columbus at PittsburghNBCSN, CBC
    Saturday, April 197 p.m.Columbus at PittsburghNBCSN, CBC
    Monday, April 217 p.m.Pittsburgh at ColumbusNBCSN, CBC
    Wednesday, April 237 p.m.Pittsburgh at ColumbusNBCSN, CBC
    *Saturday, April 26TBDColumbus at PittsburghCBC
    *Monday, April 28TBDPittsburgh at ColumbusCBC
    *Wednesday, April 30TBDColumbus at PittsburghCBC
    SERIES D - M2 vs. M3TIME (ET)     vs.   NETWORKS
    Thursday, April 177 p.m.Philadelphia at NY RangersCNBC, TSN
    Sunday, April 20NoonPhiladelphia at NY RangersNBC, TSN
    Tuesday, April 228 p.m.NY Rangers at PhiladelphiaCNBC, TSN
    Friday, April 257 p.m.NY Rangers at PhiladelphiaCNBC, TSN
    *Sunday, April 27NoonPhiladelphia at NY RangersNBC, TSN
    *Tuesday, April 29TBDNY Rangers at PhiladelphiaTSN
    *Wednesday, April 30TBDPhiladelphia at NY RangersTSN
    SERIES E - C1 vs. W1TIME (ET)   vs.   NETWORKS
    Thursday, April 179:30 p.m.Minnesota at ColoradoCNBC, TSN
    Saturday, April 199:30 p.m.Minnesota at ColoradoNBCSN, TSN
    Monday, April 217 p.m.Colorado at MinnesotaNHLN U.S., TSN
    Thursday, April 249:30 p.m.Colorado at MinnesotaCNBC, TSN2
    *Saturday, April 26TBDMinnesota at ColoradoTSN
    *Monday, April 28TBDColorado at MinnesotaTSN
    *Wednesday, April 30TBDMinnesota at ColoradoTSN
    SERIES F - C2 vs. C3TIME (ET)     vs.   NETWORKS
    Thursday, April 178 p.m.Chicago at St. LouisNBCSN, CBC
    Saturday, April 193 p.m.Chicago at St. LouisNBC, CBC
    Monday, April 218:30 p.m.St. Louis at ChicagoCNBC, CBC
    Wednesday, April 239:30 p.m.St. Louis at ChicagoNBCSN, CBC
    *Friday, April 258 p.m.Chicago at St. LouisNBCSN, CBC
    *Sunday, April 273 p.m.St. Louis at ChicagoNBC, CBC
    *Tuesday, April 29TBDChicago at St. LouisCBC
    SERIES G - P1 vs. W2TIME (ET)     vs.   NETWORKS
    Wednesday, April 1610 p.m.Dallas at AnaheimNBCSN, TSN
    Friday, April 1810 p.m.Dallas at AnaheimNBCSN, TSN
    Monday, April 219:30 p.m.Anaheim at DallasNBCSN, TSN
    Wednesday, April 238 p.m.Anaheim at DallasCNBC, TSN
    *Friday, April 25 10:30 p.m.Dallas at AnaheimNBCSN, TSN
    *Sunday, April 27TBDAnaheim at DallasTSN
    *Tuesday, April 29TBDDallas at AnaheimTSN
    SERIES H - P2 vs. P3TIME (ET)   vs.   NETWORKS
    Thursday, April 1710:30 p.m.Los Angeles at San JoseNBCSN, CBC
    Sunday, April 2010 p.m.Los Angeles at San JoseNBCSN, CBC
    Tuesday, April 2210 p.m.San Jose at Los AngelesNBCSN, CBC
    Thursday, April 2410:30 p.m.San Jose at Los AngelesNBCSN, CBC
    *Saturday, April 26TBDLos Angeles at San JoseNBCSN, CBC
    *Monday, April 28TBDSan Jose at Los AngelesCBC
    *Wednesday, April 30TBDLos Angeles at San JoseCBC
    NHL Playoffs Schedule
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    • Zep2

      Interesting take on Gardiner.

    • mcloki

      I thought I was out. But they just drag me back in.

    • Biltmore

      Series predictions:
      Wings over Bruins
      Lightning over Habs
      Pens over Jackets
      Rangers over Flyers
      Avs over Wild
      Hawks over Blues
      Ducks over Stars
      Sharks over the other guys (Kings)

    • Dangle_My_Berries

      playoffs? whats that?

    • Xxxxxnew

      Don’t disagree. I could see some upsets though. Curious to see how Tampa does without Bishop.

    • JMAC17

      mcloki  Playoff hockey is just too good…doesnt matter what teams are playing!

    • http://i.imgur.com/MyKj5C3.gif ingy56

      Go Bolts!

    • Jmessih

      Gripping stuff, who is there back up?https://twitter.com/Real_ESPNLeBrun https://twitter.com/Real_ESPNLeBrun/status/456566277922762752
      Sharks coach Todd McLellan said today he won’t announce his Game 1 starting goalie until Thursday but I’d be shocked if it’s not Niemi

    • hometeem

      reilly and reims so, no word on naz and bozie?

    • loomx

      man, I love Jon Cooper. Talks about how you have to earn the respect of your players as a coach. Meanwhile we’ve got a guy who just yesterday brought up a private conversation with a player out of nowhere to throw him under the bus.