Randy Carlyle staying on as Maple Leafs Head Coach

Maple Leaf fans at Maple Leaf Square
Photo: michellesiu.com

Well, this makes no sense on any level. The Toronto Maple Leafs‘ systems under Randy Carlyle have allowed more shots against than any other team over the course of a season.  Think about the worst NHL teams, and then place the Leafs with the likes of: Kessel, JVR, Lupul, Kadri, Phaneuf, Gardiner, Rielly along with some nice complementary pieces and one of the best goaltending tandems in the league. This is a head scratcher for the ages. The Coach and his systems had befallen the talent on the team and allowed the Maple Leafs to play without the puck more than any other team in the history of the game.

The Coach who admitted to the world he had no answers for what was going on this past season, while presiding over a collapse that saw the team go from 9th in the League to the 8th overall draft pick in the span of the month, should not return for the next. The Coach who was completely exasperated, clearly tuned out by the team, while pleading with his group to put in an effort so that debuting starter Drew MacIntyre didn’t get shelled and literally run over by the Florida Panthers, should not return for the next season.

It’s an ominous beginning to the not-so-new era under Brendan Shanahan.


  • GiuseppeM

    Honestly, this could do it. I have never been as close to saying F’ it ………….I’m out.

  • DJ_Llewellyn

    leafsbuzztap that is the worst news possible.

  • Mcost61

    That look says “bread in, lever down, wait…bread in ,lever down, wait……

  • Mcost61

    Jon5200 Can’t fire all the players.

  • Jon5200

    Mcost61 Jon5200 dont need to………….

  • GiuseppeM

    Jon5200 Mcost61  This has been explained ad nauseum (sp?) 

    Cut n pasted from another post:

    1) Worst defensive Team – Close 3000 shots against
    2) Horrible possession team
    3) Collapse yet no change to lineups/ice time, lines
    4) Roster Selection
    5) Not playing 4th line (tired out top players)
    6) Possibly playing injured players
    7) Not playing kids who are not only more than capable
    but better than some of the vets he stuck with.. already showed Leafs only had
    2 rookies who averaged more than 10 min ice time per game (Granberg one game
    only).  vs winning teams like Bruins,
    Chicago etc play like 8.. ie. does not develop
    8) Playing/keeping Orr and FML and Fraser-  over other assets- lost such as Colborne-
    forced lower return
    9) Selectively calls out young players and not vets
    10) wont bench vets who make similar screw ups
    11) Sticks with same PP unit- Franson and Dion
    12) Overplayed players in wrong scenarios-  down a goal with 1 min to go and play McC
    13) Lack of professionalism-  ie. Post season presser- Gardiner
    14) Always riding Kadri/Gardiner- never Franson/Clarkson etc..

  • T_Ry

    He’s not the whole problem…but he’s a part of it nonetheless.
    Hopefully he’s on a very short leash and knows it.  Keep in mind that a mid-season coaching change could have a significant impact as well.

  • rustynail

    T_Ry  its WAY too early to assume he is coming back

  • T_Ry

    Jon5200 This might serve as notice to the players that they’re being held accountable as well, whereas firing Carlyle might have let some of them think that it wasn’t their fault whatsoever.

  • T_Ry

    rustynail T_RyOh, Dreger is certainly jumping to a conclusion; I’m just saying that if he is brought back, I would hope it’s on a very short leash.