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Let me preface this by saying Michael Dal Colle,  Nick Ritchie and Robby Fabbri are all  interchangeable in my rankings and I think all are top 10 selections (worthy of it, anyway). I just have some small preferences and that’s why I rank Michael Dal Colle 3rd among that group. Michael Dal Colle was as consistent as can be offensively this season. His wrist shot is phenomenal, more specifically the release. And he uses his body (6’2) to shield the puck well to create the space he needs to get it off. Michael Dal Colle is going to score his share of goals in the NHL. He’s improved his skating a lot since joining the league and is now terrific at coming off the wall and creating chances, showcasing a more explosive stride. He’ll likely still put work into his skating, too, and it should only continue to improve.

Michael Dal Colle also has good vision for a big man and is a very effective player with the man advantage, as he draws defenses to him only to find open linemates. While Dal Colle can play either center or wing, I think it’s safe to assume he projects as a winger because it’s been his primary position the last few years. So, why the lower ranking than Ritchie and Fabbri? I don’t think Dal Colle will ever be the type of player who impacts the game more than just offensively. He’s big, but I don’t ever see him being the physical brute that Ritchie is, or the forechecking puck hound that Fabbri is. And while I’m sure he’ll put in work to be better defensively, again, I think the other two have greater potential in that area. Offensively, he might be a touch better and has a more dynamic skill set, but if we’re talking about choosing between an 80-point one dimensional player and a 60 point two-way player, I’m taking the 60 point guy.

Brock Otten, OHL Prospects

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2012-13Oshawa GeneralsOHL631533481819|Playoffs923563
Canada Ontario U17WHC-1752460|
2013-14Oshawa GeneralsOHL67395695348|Playoffs128122000
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    Still don’t think he drops past 5th

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    Pretty good mock draft here

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    Enjoy reading these profiles . Give us some great info leading to the draft . Whatever way you slice and dice these prospect looks like we’ll get a pretty decent player out of it

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    It amazes me to see progressive guys like Benning talk about a 4-line, skating team, while Colton Orr dresses over Peter Holland in TO.

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    Love these write-ups. The draft gets me so excited. I think partly because the salary cap has seriously diminished the excitement around the trade deadline day (used to be my favourite). There isn’t a ton of movement around the league I find these days so at least at the draft you know you’re getting a shiny new toy. It’s especially fun when you are picking top 10 (despite the lack of success in the season).

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    The_Irv Drafting and development are King now Irv. The League has changed so much .

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    Burtonboy The_Irv Yea exactly. I just wish we could get some high end offensive pieces in the pipeline. Although it looks like this year is predominantly forwards in the Top 10 so I’m sure we’ll have a fun player regardless of who we get.