The Toronto Maple Leafs got off to a strong start, out-chancing the Ottawa Senators in the first period, but for the third straight game they struggled right at the start of the second, giving up three goals in quick succession that seemed to put the game out of reach.

Unlike their trip to Detroit, this time there was a Toronto response, and early in the third period they managed to tie the game. Another tying goal came in the final few minutes, and while they lost in a shoot-out, it was their strongest performance of the season. Of course, it would be nice if they could get a lead at some point.

The Leafs were well ahead in both Corsi and chances over the course of the game, but much of that advantage came while the Leafs were chasing the game, particularly in the third period, and the two sides were pretty much level while the score was close. The Leafs were also superior in winning the neutral zone, reversing a poor showing against the Wings.


After the Leafs had the better of the first period, they gave up nine of the first twelve chances in the second period, before rallying. Ottawa had a good start to the third, but the Leafs dominated the close of the game, and probably should have won it in overtime, generating five chances in a 3-on-3 period that had some manic moments.

117:3500TorSpaling deflects Rielly shotES216192634442741616874
117:1700TorWinnik from loose puckES216192634442741616874
116:2800OttStone deflects Wiercioch shotES2283440434474146616568
114:4700OttMichalek from MacArthurES2834404346522916414474
112:4800OttHoffman from CeciES216192634445741466168
112:3300OttHoffman wide from TurrisES216192634445741466168
111:1800TorKomarov from BozakES321344247523916414465
111:0100TorKadri drivesES321344347522916414474
110:3800TorKadri from GrabnerES2834404346522915417490
109:5100TorArcobello from ParenteauES3152433345151525414668
219:1400OttGOAL! Turris from KarlssonSH23162634679416165
216:2301OttGOAL! Chiasson drivesSH21634434624146689093
215:2502OttRyan from TurrisSH216263444679416165
215:0402OttGOAL! Michalek from reboundSH216263444679416165
212:5503TorGOAL! Lupul from WinnikES216192634445741466168
211:4613OttStone wide from KarlssonSH1626344652679416165
210:4613OttZibanejad from KarlssonSH23163447164165689093
206:4313TorGrabner from BoyesES328344043515916414446
206:0713OttNeil from SmithES16192634465231525416590
206:0113OttHoffman from StoneES216192634443741616568
205:2713TorGOAL! Bozak from PhaneufES321344247513627416593
203:4123OttHoffman from StoneES1619344346525741466168
202:4423TorVan Riemsdyk deflects widePP31921333442227414474
202:1623TorHolland deflects Rielly shotPP15242834434435154190
201:5723TorBoyes wide from HollandPP15242834434429417493
201:3723TorKadri wide from RiellyPP15242834434429417493
318:2323OttMacArthur drivesES2833344346525916414446
317:2823TorKomarov from RiellyES221344244475627414693
316:4223TorGOAL! Holland from ParenteauPP3152428344327416174
312:4333TorVan Riemsdyk from BozakSH3440464752679416165
314:5833OttMichalek from MacArthurES328333443512916414474
314:5433OttMichalek from reboundES328333443512916414474
313:3533OttSmith drivesES2161926344631541616568
311:0133OttGOAL! Stone deflects Hoffman shotES2833344346523741616568
307:1534TorBozak wide from Van RiemsdykES321344246473916414465
304:0134OttHoffman drives postSH21626344651641656893
304:4634OttChiasson from reboundSH33440444754165689093
303:4834TorGOAL! Winnik from BoyesES26283442445152741656893
302:4044TorKomarov from BozakES2134424647515627414693
300:1244TorKomarov deflects Van Riemsdyk shot wideES321344247512916414474
404:0544TorBozak deflects Rielly shotES21344244564168
403:0544TorBoyes drives wideES2428345127416593
402:5644OttLazar drivesES2428345127416593
402:4944TorBoyes drivesES324283427416593
402:2444TorKadri from PhaneufPP3213442432414474
400:3344OttStone drivesES21928344437416165
400:0344TorVan Riemsdyk from BozakES3213442514146616568

Leafs Player Data

Van Riemsdyk90100%16:5463%60%47%17%

It was an excellent game for the top line of Tyler Bozak, James van Riemsdyk and Leo Komarov, as they dominated Bobby Ryan’s line, their most frequent matchup. All three were not on for a single ES chance against, and they were the top offensive performers for the team as well. This is also shown in the zone entries, as they dominated the neutral zone more than any other line, and limited the Senators to just a handful of controlled entries in over 15 minutes of ES ice time.

Nazem Kadri, paired mostly with Brad Boyes, didn’t have a great night, one of the worst Leafs in terms of chances. They were unable to turn solid zone entry numbers into much offensively, and were exposed by the MacArthur line in particular.

Joffrey Lupul, Daniel Winnik and Nick Spaling were given the assignment of the Turris line, and were beaten out in the neutral zone badly, the only line to really struggle to prevent controlled entries, and also had poor chance numbers as well.

Michael Grabner drew in after the game in Detroit, and had a decent start playing with Peter Holland and P.A. Parenteau, playing a pretty quiet ten ES minutes.

The defence pairings got a re-shuffle after the Detroit game, with some good success. Dion Phaneuf now went with Jake Gardiner, and that pairing were excellent, helping the top line and dominating offensive chances.

Morgan Rielly and Matt Hunwick had a good defensive night, finishing even, and matching up mostly against the Turris line. The Czecho-slovak pairing of Roman Polak and Martin Marincin had the worst chance numbers, and were the worst pairing at holding the neutral zone as well.