The Leafs fell behind in the first period against Montreal, and while they played a strong game, they were never able to overcome that deficit.

They twice answered Montreal goals with quick responses, but two special teams goals in the second period opened up the lead to three, and the Canadiens held on to win again.

Toronto carried the play, in possession and chances, particularly in the second period, when they were all over the Habs, only to give up four goals in the frame. The Leafs did trail during this time, but they were the better team in chances and Corsi while the score was close as well. The neutral zone was a fairly even battle, with the Canadiens narrowly getting the better of it, but the two sides close in controlled entries.


The game really turned late in the second period, as a stretch that saw the Leafs dominate chances, 9-2 in the last 10 minutes, end up with two Montreal goals, dealing a fatal blow to the Leafs‘ comeback hopes. While they were able to generate some chances in the closing minutes, they didn’t reach the volume they managed in the second.

119:2300MtlSmith-Pelley drivesES214345464752172126313274
116:0500TorMatthias from WinnikSH2326444552111431677679
114:5600MtlSemin wide from DesharnaisSH226454656132627283151
114:0700TorRielly drives postES32143444547111431677679
112:2100TorLupul from Van RiemsdykPP1519214344451531327779
112:1900TorVan Riemsdyk from reboundPP1519214344451531327779
109:4500MtlSubban from loose puckSH216404546132731517679
109:0700MtlGOAL! Subban from PaciorettySH2326444552111426316776
107:3601TorWinnik deflects Harrington shotES161926364445152228315177
105:5201TorKomarov drivesES213643444547111426316774
105:1801MtlPacioretty wide from MarkovES2321434547111431677679
104:0801TorArcobello from RiellyES232833364445222831325177
103:1401MtlSubban wide from loose puckES213643444547172131327679
100:3801MtlPacioretty wide from GilbertES2321434547111431677679
218:0601MtlGOAL! Eller from GalchenyukES154044454656132728317781
217:2402TorVan Riemsdyk deflects Harrington shotES213643444547172131327679
217:2302TorGOAL! Komarov from reboundES213643444547172131327679
216:5512MtlPacioretty wraparoundES2316192645111431677679
216:2412TorMatthias wide from ArcobelloES232833364445132728317781
214:5213MtlGalchenyuk from SeminES232833364445132731767981
213:4913TorKadri wide from Van RiemsdykES2321434547132731767981
213:2413TorGOAL! Van Riemsdyk from loose puckES2321434547132731767981
211:5523MtlGalchenyuk from SeminSH2645464752132627315176
207:3523TorGrabner drives wideES2315404556132728317781
207:1623TorRielly from faceoffES213643444547172131327679
206:1323TorPhaneuf from loose puckES2316192645152226315174
204:3823TorParenteau from KadriPP315192143451517263174
204:3023MtlGOAL! Pacioretty drivesPP2833444547561431677677
204:0324TorKadri from PhaneufPP3151921434514317679
203:3124TorLupul from KadriPP3151921434514263174
203:2924TorLupul from reboundPP3151921434514263174
203:1824TorPhaneuf from KadriPP315192143451731767981
202:2524TorKomarov from ArcobelloPP2833444547562631327481
200:1424MtlGOAL! Gallagher deflects Subban shotSH226444556111431677679
319:1625MtlEller from loose puckES2316192645132731767981
318:4425MtlEller wide from GalchenyukES2315404556132728317781
318:3525MtlGalchenyuk from SeminES2315404556132728317781
315:0025MtlGallagher from PaciorettyES213643444547111426316774
312:4925TorGOAL! Rielly drivesES232833364445132731767981
311:3135TorKomarov wide from Van RiemsdykES213643444547152231517679
304:3835TorGrabner from ParenteauES153336404546172128317781
303:0435TorLupul from WinnikES21619264552212731777981
302:5235TorVan Riemsdyk from RiellyEN31521434447141726316774

Leafs Player Data

Van Riemsdyk8561.5%15:5094.1%36.8%42.9%50.0%

It was another solid night for the top line of Nazem Kadri with James van Riemsdyk and Leo Komarov, which went up mostly against the Plekanec line, and managed to get the better of them in terms of chances. They did struggle with the neutral zone, the worst of the Leafs‘ lines in that area, but having a very high offensive zone start percentage may have helped them mitigate that damage.

It was also a good night for Marc Arcobello, with Brad Boyes and Shawn Matthias, as they were very effective at controlling Montreal’s zone entries, and were the best Leaf trio at preventing Montreal from mustering chances.

Byron Froese had some good moments in his first NHL game, but his chance numbers ended up the lowest on the team at even strength.

In addition to his excellent goal, Morgan Rielly had a strong overall night, as he, paired with Scott Harrington for much of the game, were easily able to out-chance the Canadiens. This came despite getting a fair amount of time against the top couple of Montreal lines, and against the top defensive pairing for the Habs.

Matt Hunwick and Dion Phaneuf were much less effective, as, like the top forward line, they struggled to prevent Montreal from entering the Leaf zone with control.