The Leafs weren’t offensively impressive for most of their game in Carolina, but some strong goaltending from James Reimer earned them an eventual shootout victory.

That was put in danger when Carolina went ahead midway through the third, but Nazem Kadri got a well-timed power-play goal, and the Leafs prevailed in the ensuing shoot-out.

The possession numbers were pretty even for the first half of the game, but in the second half the Hurricanes pulled out a substantial advantage. That didn’t end up showing in chances, as the two teams finished even after regulation, though Carolina was slightly ahead at even strength. You can see that effect in the zone entries, where the Hurricanes dominated, particularly in the third period.


Neither side really had a substantial period of sustained chances, and there were a couple of long stretches, early in the second and third periods, where there were no chances either way. While Carolina had the better of the possession early in the third, you can see that they didn’t manage a chance until almost ten minutes into the frame. The overall chance numbers were saved by the overtime period, as the two teams combined for only twenty-six chances in the sixty minutes of regulation.

119:2800TorVan Riemsdyk from reboundES22134434751122027304274
117:5200CarRask from loose puckES19263446525651626304953
114:2300TorWinnik deflects Rielly shot wideES2232634445651225263032
112:0800CarLiles drivesES2242834404451418242630
112:0100CarMcClement deflects Hanifin shot wideES2242834404451418242630
110:1200CarJ Staal drivesES31523344251112027304274
109:1700TorFroese deflects Hunwick shot wideES2192634445651225263032
105:3900TorLupul wide from loose puckES3192428345151230325365
104:1200CarPesce from E StaalES22134434447122530325465
103:2300TorGrabner from loose puckES242834404652141824273074
103:2100TorGrabner from reboundES242834404652141824273074
214:4600TorMatthias wraparoundES152334424446122530325465
213:1900TorGrabner from HollandES243440465156162627304953
211:0800CarNordstrom drives postES21523344344112030425465
210:3800CarE Staal wide from FaulkES22134434447122526273032
207:4400CarNash from loose puckES2321344347112026273042
206:3700TorBoyes wide from HunwickES2242834404451630495374
206:1500CarNordstrom wide from loose puckES192634424652112030425465
200:2800TorParenteau from BozakPP315242834421820273065
310:1701TorHunwick from ParenteauES21523344244122530325465
310:0201CarE Staal from reboundES2152324344451225303274
309:1301CarMcClement drivesES192834465256141826273042
309:0201TorLupul drives wideES3193440515651630495374
307:5001CarJ Staal drivesES3153442441112262730
304:3401CarSkinner from LindholmES32134434751162627304953
303:3301TorGOAL! Kadri from KomarovPP1921344347511114273065
404:3901TorBozak drivesES1534424411122730
404:2901CarFaulk from E StaalES1534434411122730
404:1701TorKadri drivesES221344330325365
404:0801CarHainsey drivesES221344330325365
403:1301CarFaulk drivesES221344316273049
402:3201TorPhaneuf from KadriPP32134424318263065
401:5501TorPhaneuf from KadriPP32134424318263065
401:3101TorRielly wide from ParenteauPP151924344420263065
401:0001TorParenteau wide from HollandPP151924344420263065
400:0201TorHunwick from loose puckES2213443511112273054

Leafs Player Data

Van Riemsdyk3633.3%16:0546.2%38.5%50.0%46.9%

I’ve sung the praises of the top line a lot this season, but this was a rare game where that line was out-chanced. Nazem Kadri’s numbers look particularly bad, but they are a little inflated by a tricky overtime shift that added three chances against to his tally. No one line got the better of them, as they gave up chances against all three Carolina top lines.

The strength of Toronto’s game came from the bottom two lines. Peter Holland, Brad Boyes and Michael Grabner dominated their matchup against the Carolina fourth line. The Joffrey Lupul, Daniel Winnik and Byron Froese line managed to break even, and were the strongest line at preventing Carolina from entering with control.

Jake Gardiner and Dion Phaneuf played most of the game with each other, but ended up with very different chance numbers, as the moments they were apart from one another ended up benefiting Gardiner, who finished with the best numbers on the team.

Matt Hunwick and Morgan Rielly dominated the ES ice time, playing six more minutes than anyone else on the team, and they finished just below even in chances. The third pairing of Roman Poland and Martin Marincin had terrible neutral zone numbers, barely getting over a third of zone entries.