A poor start in their second straight game against Boston saw the Maple Leafs behind by two after the first period.

They rallied well in the second, as a wild five minute stretch saw them score three times and level the score. Neither team managed to score in the third period, and the Leafs ended up in a shoot-out for the sixth time this year, losing out as Boston swept the two-game series.

Through two periods, the game was close in terms of possession, with the two teams dead level in five-on-five Corsi. The Leafs then pulled away in the third period, dominating the game, but were unable to find a way through and get a winner. The Leafs ended up far ahead in terms of chances, but most of that difference came with the extra man, where Toronto generated twelve chances. The Leafs also had the better of the zone entries, although not by much.


The Leafs dominated the last 25 minutes of regulation, out-chancing the Bruins 12-4 in that time, and dominated the overtime period — the only team getting chances in the five three-on-three minutes.

The Bruins did managed to clamp down early in the second period, defending their lead, as there was just one chance in the first half of the period until that wild five minutes.

116:1600TorParenteau from faceoffES152334364246213940464754
115:0300BosBergeron from MarchandPP315242834423337405463
115:0200BosGOAL! Marchand from reboundPP315242834423337405463
114:3801TorVan Riemsdyk from loose puckPP1921344347512133404654
113:3001TorBoyes from BozakPP315242834423640414462
113:2101TorHolland from ParenteauES31524283442143640414462
111:0901BosRinaldo wide from TalbotES161934404446252936404448
107:2101BosGOAL! Rinaldo drivesES32428345156293637404448
103:2102BosBergeron deflects Chara shot wideES242834434651113337406263
101:3602TorKomarov from reboundPP319213443473337406263
100:4202TorLupul from Van RiemsdykPP319213443472133404446
218:2602TorGardiner drivesES32134434751143340415154
208:1602TorVan Riemsdyk wide from loose puckEN21921424344293339404148
208:0602TorGOAL! Lupul from BozakEN21921424344293339404148
207:3012BosHayes from MarchandES21619344044113740446263
207:0412TorGOAL! Komarov from Van RiemsdykES32134434751213339404662
206:4622BosKemppainen from loose puckES152334364246144041475154
205:2022BosGOAL! Marchand from loose puckES242834364656293337406263
203:5123TorGOAL! Bozak from reboundES31523344251113339404662
203:2233TorKomarov deflects Gardiner shot wideES213443464751144041445154
201:3533TorVan Riemsdyk from reboundPP1921344347512140444647
200:4733TorKomarov from LupulPP1921344344473336404144
200:0333TorGardiner from loose puckPP2124283442512133404446
318:2333BosConnolly drivesES22428344456144041475162
315:3433TorParenteau from MatthiasES152334364246144041444851
314:0933BosKrug drivesES22134434447113740475463
313:3033TorVan Riemsdyk from KomarovES32134434751113740475463
313:2933TorKomarov from reboundES32134434751113740475463
309:5533TorKadri post from Van RiemsdykES21521344351213339404662
308:2833TorParenteau wide from reboundPP315242834422140464754
307:2833TorFroese deflects Rielly shotES21634404456113740444863
304:3633BosBergeron drivesES21619344044113337404863
302:0233BosBelesky from ErikssonES22134434447213339404662
301:4533TorRielly drives wideSH3440444656213740464751
404:5233TorRielly drivesES2134434439404647
403:3233TorGrabner from KomarovES234404737404863
402:0233TorKomarov drives wideES334404739404647
400:0933TorVan Riemsdyk from reboundPP32128344233404144

Leafs Player Data

Van Riemsdyk7277.8%14:5691.7%47.5%63.2%66.7%

The top line faced a tough matchup, mostly going against the Krejci line and Chara, but they thrived offensively — each of Kadri, JvR and Komarov were on the ice for seven ES chances for and only a couple against. They had good numbers for controlled entries offensively, but the worst numbers on the team defending controlled entries.

Tyler Bozak’s line was also strong, as he, Parenteau and Matthias were on for only a single Bruins ES chance against.

The other lines got a lot more defensive assignments, and ended up with negative chance differentials, with Joffrey Lupul not on for a single Leaf ES chance, as his goal came on a delayed penalty. Peter Holland’s line had very difficult zone starts, while the Lupul trio took the most difficult match-up.

Dion Phaneuf and Jake Gardiner were the top pairing for the Leafs, playing mostly with the Kadri line and finishing with the two best chance differentials on the team. In contrast, Matt Hunwick and Morgan Rielly were out-chanced, mostly down to their match-up with the Bergeron line, who were the most successful Boston trio.