Mike Babcock addressed the media after his team’s 4-3 win in Pittsburgh on Saturday night.

On Tyler Bozak’s two-goal, three-point night:

Things haven’t gone as well for him this year, so confidence is always hard. Great that he’ll walk out of the rink feeling real great about himself. Worked real hard, competed real hard. That line was good for us and they responded with the fourth goal. The game was going to going to be one-goal going into the third and it kind of set ourselves up. That’s the night. A big win for us on the road against a good team.

On whether the team finding different ways to win is a sign of it maturing:

For sure. In saying all of that, we showed signs of being a young team tonight. Instead of just keeping your foot on the gas and getting the next one, we got on our heels and let them take it to us a little bit. But that’s all part of learning. It’s a confidence that you earn as you become a good team.

On Toronto FC’s MLS Championship:

Obviously, it’s real good for the city. I’ve only had one opportunity to go. It’s an exhilarating experience to be there. The fans are crazy and they love it. When you’re there and enjoying the crowd, it’s special. Great for the city. Great for Larry Tanenbaum and all they’ve done for the city. It’s a special place in that facility. It should be fun for them.

On closing out the game:

I just thought we did a good job. I didn’t like the sort out for that goal. We gave them the free goal. It was 4-on-4 there. They might’ve had their goalie out, but it’s really four-on-four. We didn’t do what we should’ve done coming back in our zone, but that’s part of it. We got good goaltending down the stretch. I think the guys blocked shots and stayed on the inside. A good win.

On playing Edmonton tomorrow in the back-to-back:

It’s not like a back-to-back because they played, too. It’s the same for both teams. Tonight, we went with a shorter lineup. They played so few guys that we ended up playing fewer guys, but we’ll have to dig in and find a way to win a game tomorrow.

On Auston Matthews getting winded late in the game:

He said he was ready to go for the next shift, so he seemed to be alright.