Mike Babcock addressed the media after his team’s 4-2 loss to the Colorado Avalanche on Monday night.

On the sentiment in the dressing room that not enough good things were done to win the game:

We should’ve won the game.

On whether he feels they should’ve won because of the controversial overturned goal:

I mean, I don’t like that, either. I got texts from half the coaches telling me it should be a goal. If the coaches don’t know, we don’t know. I just thought we played good enough and generated enough chances. They didn’t generate that many chances. In the end, we should’ve won the game. We didn’t.

On whether he knows what constitutes goaltender interference anymore:


On how frustrating that call was:

Guys, we didn’t lose because of that goal, in my opinion. We had lots of chances. We had lots of opportunities. They scored and we didn’t.

On Auston Matthews coming out and scoring on the next shift after the disallowed goal:

Willy made a hell of a play on the next shift, too. I thought that line dominated all night long and could’ve had lots. In the end… I thought Naz’s line was really good, obviously. Played head-to-head with [the MacKinnon] line and ended up scoring. Did a heck of a job.

Matty’s line dominated as well. We turned the puck over on the one goal. I’m trying to think of the other one… on a line change there in the first. But, I mean, we did lots of good things. We’ve just got to keep getting better. That’s it.

On the seriousness of Morgan Rielly’s injury:

That’s a great question. We don’t think it’s real serious, but it’s serious enough that he’s not playing. In some ways, to be honest with you, and I said this this morning: Of the three guys that played last time, I didn’t know who [to take out]. I thought they all played good. Today, they didn’t all play good. So, at least we found out.

On whether the defense and forwards are communicating well enough:

I thought so. I don’t know — if you go through the whole game, and you go through the scoring chances, in the end, we’re set up pretty good to win the game. To me, over my time in the league, if the scoring chances are set up good, you usually end up winning the game.