Mike Babcock addressed the media after his team’s 6-2 victory over the Edmonton Oilers, the Leafs’ third win in a row.

On Travis Dermott (shoulder) joining Jake Gardiner on the injury list:

We’re going to call someone up. We’ll call up Marincin. And then just because Ozhiganov hasn’t played any games here lately, going back-to-back is probably not a good idea. We’ll put Marty and [Justin Holl] in tomorrow. We’ll just work on it as time goes on here. These are going to be the D for a while. Rosen isn’t available. He hurt his foot. Those are the guys that are available.

On the team’s injury luck running out suddenly:

What are you going to do? The bottom line is someone is going to get a chance. We’ll find a player. Maybe a good player, maybe a better pair than we had playing, and go from there. But our forwards have got to do a better job now and make sure we are not spending much time in our own zone.

On the team’s ability to generate different types of offense from different lines:

I liked the track and transition goals because that means you’re working and you’re competing hard in that way. Obviously, it is good to have the power play going. I didn’t like our start as much as I’d like to. I thought we could’ve been better at the start. We didn’t give up a ton, but we still gave up too much. We just thought that we could be better at that area. We’ve got to be better tomorrow in that area.

On whether it was a dirty hit on Travis Dermott:

I haven’t looked at it, so I don’t know. I thought it was going to be a penalty, but it’s not like I reviewed it or anything.

On John Tavares’ return to the Island tomorrow:

I think it is something he needs to put to bed and get on with it. The thing about fans is they pay their money and get to say whatever they want. He’s a good man. He was good for their franchise. He’s great for our franchise. He made a decision to come home. I don’t know if anyone can fault you for that.

On whether there are security concerns with how Islanders fans might treat Tavares:

No, Lou is in charge of that organization and he’ll have it buttoned down and there will be none of that. I am not concerned about that one bit. I am not on social media 24/7, so I don’t know what everyone is saying or much care, to be honest with you. We are going to go and play and there’s a game with two points on the line.

On whether it is a tough building to play in as an adversary:

I couldn’t tell you. I am not one of those people. If someone tells me, “Oh, I am sitting right behind you at the game,” or, “Gee, the crowd was great tonight,” or, “The music is really good,” I don’t know any of that stuff. I couldn’t tell you. I know there is a game going on and what happened.

On whether he is going to talk to Tavares and offer any advice about handling the night:

We’ll chat. It’s way easier to go back when they fire you. It’s a fact. Or if they kick you out of town, no one is holding any kind of hard feelings. But that is life. You make decisions and they get to say what they want. What I’ve always said in my family: If your knees don’t hit the kitchen table, your opinion probably doesn’t matter.

On Frederik Andersen’s steady play:

He has been good for us for sure. We think Freddy is an elite goaltender. We always want more, to tell you the truth, from where I am at. Anyone who knows who has been in the playoffs before that if you are going to have success at playoff time, your goalie has to be good. He’s got to be mentally strong and he’s got to bring it every night — when you don’t have it, when you do have it. He’s just got to be good. That’s what we expect of him.