Leo’s Back: Maple Leafs sign Komarov to 4-year, $11.8 million contract


It’s hard not to get excited about the return of a fan favorite like Leo Komarov.

Whether it was perceived or real, fans certainly felt he was a big piece of what made the team harder to play against in his short stay during the lockout-shortened year.

He came in at a steeper price tag than expected at $2.95 million per season, given his nine points in 45 games in his limited sample of NHL games.

Komarov always has been more of an offensive player in the KHL, where he’s been around a .60PPG player for Dynamo. Perhaps there’s more to give here considering 45 games isn’t a tonne of time to get acclimated to a new League. He has a good shot and loves getting his nose dirty, but has pretty limited hands.

Komarov’s ability to kill penalties (can also take draws capably) should help provide multi-situation value during his time here. One of their key penalty killers, UFA Jay McClement, appears to not be coming back.

Komarov’s natural fit appears to be as a third line winger but he might be versatile enough to move onto the wing of Kadri and Lupul and bring that consistent, chippy forechecking presence to a scoring line.

The haul so far for Dave Nonis and co. is Matt Frattin, Stephane Robidas and Leo Komarov. Leafs management will still be looking to find a checking line center today, one imagines.

Welcome back Leo.

  • DJBrianBurke

    Best thread in the last few months. Welcome back Leo!

  • TuckerForPunishment

    I <3 Leo.

  • The_Polish_Cannon

    The only signing I wanted done today (besides Stastny) but great news! Nonis has done well today, did not sacrifice long term stability for short term gain.

  • DJBrianBurke

    The_Polish_Cannon I was of the exact same mind set.

  • beerleaguepuckstopper

    Robidas is just the kinda guy every successful needs. Production will probably drop off but will be one hell of a leader in a very young room.

  • ShotgunCharlie

    I can live with this. Glad we didnt fall into the usual trap. Welcome back you big lug!

  • Mattmark

    J McC costs next to nothing and is the one forward we have who seems able to stickhandle out of our zone when we’re shorthanded.  Last year he was asked to do way too much, but letting him walk for nothing makes no sense.

  • http://www.unclejakescards.ca/ unclejakescards

    lol, capgeek crashed …

  • Loric76

    Quite happy Komarov is back.  seems like a high dollar figure, but I’d rather give 3m to Komarov than Ott

  • lukethenuke


  • lukethenuke

    Loric76 words stolen.  Or Kulemin.  Id give him 3 as well but Komorov gets the nod

  • Loric76

    So we still need another depth LD, unless Franson is staying and Phaneuf is moving to the left

  • carloly

    Loric76 3M for Ott would be pretty good

  • Anthony Petrielli


  • lukethenuke

    https://twitter.com/Hope_Smoke https://twitter.com/Hope_Smoke/status/484046097854504961
    Of all the role players that the Leafs could have overpaid today, I’m ecstatic it’s Komarov and not Bolland, Ott or Glass. Leo helps.

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Need a center.

  • TheGroobster

    Alec Brownscombe Who’s available?

  • lukethenuke

    Alec Brownscombe 6 years straight.  Would turn a good day to a great day

  • conis

    Alec Brownscombe As usual…we will never get it

  • LeafsGuru


  • BrandonCheema

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybKBHhYltlc this fucking chemistry is back !!!

  • Loric76

    TheGroobster Alec Brownscombe Legwand, Grabo

  • Mind Bomb

    TheGroobster Alec Brownscombe Carrick, Gauthier, Holland

  • dsoneil

    Alec Brownscombe why not Brad Richards

  • Loric76

    https://twitter.com/mirtle https://twitter.com/mirtle/status/484045783764041728
    Leafs are bit better now simply because Robidas > Gleason and Polak > Franger. Need to spend last $8-million to add scoring depth though.

  • dlb Mad

    wasn’t Frattin one of those right-handed shots who did better on the left side?
    like Lupul?

  • RandomScrub

    dlb Mad Don’t think so. Believe he played on the right.

  • conis

    Alec Brownscombe Would have gone for Malhotra the guy always does very well on the dot…at least as a stop-gap solution until we find another.

  • dlb Mad

    Fiddler and Ott

  • Loric76

    https://twitter.com/Jeffler https://twitter.com/Jeffler/status/484046773481398272
    Frattin-Holland-Komarov might end up being the Leafs’ third line at a lower cap hit than David Bolland on his own

  • Mind Bomb

    Alec Brownscombe  Sign Grabo and Kulie, call it a day “)

  • Loric76

    https://twitter.com/stevezipay https://twitter.com/stevezipay/status/484046848920145920
    https://twitter.com/hashtag/NYR?src=hash announce signing of C Chris Mueller, 28, played with Dallas/Texas Stars

  • Bruffins

    that sounds so amazing until I realize it means Clarkson on the 2nd line

  • Ze_theLeafsFan

    Loric76 Who is Franger? Ranger or Fraser?

  • Loric76

    Bruffins Loric76 or the 4th, or the press box

  • NotInsane

    Ze_theLeafsFan Loric76
    lol – both

  • Loric76

    Bruffins also, don’t worry – Leo will teach him how things are done

  • Yaknowwhat

    Robidas….good move..probably one year too much…
    Komarov…good move….overpaid though…
    Frattin trade….strange move….not sure where he fits…2nd or 3rd line?
    Still desperately need a center…

  • dlb Mad

    k, i’ll accept that…but i still think i remember he was better on the left wing

  • lukethenuke

    Yaknowwhat http://mapleleafshotstove.com/2014/07/01/maple-leafs-sign-stephane-robidas-to-3-year-9-million-deal/

  • Greg Fenton

    Yaknowwhat Frattin – 3rd liner, maybe good enough offensively to move up in a pinch.

  • NotInsane

    Bruffins Loric76
    I think they got Frattin for the second line

  • dlb Mad

    i think Ashton every opportunity to complete that 2nd line

  • PEIleafnation

    dlb Mad RandomScrub I recall some great rushes from left side

  • Cloud09

    https://twitter.com/CraigCustance https://twitter.com/CraigCustance/status/484047987023564802
    Red Wings being told that Niskanen heading elsewhere.

  • mr_hanie

    Clarkson and Komarov can muck it up in the corners, while their center waits for a pass in the slot.

  • JMAC17

    Cloud09 TOR!!

  • dlb Mad

    thing with Frattin, is he’s a two-way player
    when he hit, it was heavy
    dirty dangles
    just inconsistant

  • Mattmark

    Nonis has confirmed he’s no trader.  I’m just waiting for him to ship out Franson, along with a draft choice sweetener.  Twenty-nine GMs in the league would be happy to accept the present of a pick for adding a 6’5″, 26-year-old defenseman who scored 33 points last year to their roster, but only one would make that deal the other way.

  • Greg Fenton

    dlb Mad if I remember right 2 years ago he had a great stretch of 10-15 games or so, go hurt, and when he came back just forgot how to score.