Jonathan Bernier Viewing Party


Missing hockey? Here’s a good performance from Jonathan Bernier, wherein he turns aside 42 shots to win 3-2 over the Phoenix Coyotes on March 19. Good examples of, when on his game, how calm he is in the net and how well he handles the puck. Keeping in mind it’s just a one-game glimpse, it’s worth your while if you have some time to kill and want to get a feel for how Bernier tends the net.


  1. Just throwing this out there but by acquiring Bernier and taking on extra salary at the position (over Scrivens) it’s made it more difficult to resign Kadri and Franson while trying to fix what wasn’t broken.

  2. Jimmy Keating Maybe Bernier will be ‘elite’ versus Reimer being ‘good,’ it’s tough to say, but we have no idea what Bernier is yet. Pro scouts are hopefully on the money with this one

  3. @mapleleafforever Jimmy Keating  
    Not necessarily, though I do a agree the shots against need to come down (clearly).

    What was the shot quality on the bulk of his shots? How many shots against were rebounds that could he been gobbled up and/or smothered? We don’t have that data, unfortunately.