Friend of site Nazem Kadri laid down a twitter diss yesterday, becoming, if I’m not forgetting something, the first Leaf player to directly call out a member of the Toronto media over Twitter:

If you weren’t following along yesterday, Nazem wasn’t taking exception to Alter’s tweet alone. As he alludes to Alter’s “stories,” his reprisal appears to have been inspired by Alter’s piece yesterday about the gulf in the current negotiation between Kadri and the Leafs. Alter reported that Kadri’s camp is asking for a long term deal worth $5 million per – after originally naming an asking price of $6 million/year – while the Leafs front office is offering a 2-year bridge deal worth around 3 million AAV, which is, give or take $500,000, what most of us have been expecting to eventually become of this protracted negotiation.

My guess is that the hold up centers on a $500,000-$1,000,000 difference between what the club is offering and what Kadri’s camp wants in his AAV on the bridge contract. Or, possibly Kadri’s camp wants his bridge deal to be one year long instead of two, giving himself a chance to prove himself to the club over 82 games before hashing out a more lucrative long term deal next summer (instead of having to wait the additional year). Maybe it’s about both of those things, but I doubt Kadri’s camp is asking for an exorbitant long-term deal at this stage and I’d imagine this is why Kadri was upset at Alter’s reporting.

That’s just the sense I’m getting and is mostly my own speculation, so of course I could be wrong. Maybe the feeling in Kadri’s camp is that he produced as he could’ve and would’ve done earlier if he had the opportunity to do so under the previous head coach, and that he deserves the faith of a long term contract which pays him like the player he was for 48 games last season. It’s not something I find likely, but I suppose it can’t be ruled out.

Really, this is exactly how I saw this whole thing playing out in this market when it comes to a protracted RFA negotiation with a high profile player like Kadri. It should get sorted in due time, but that of course won’t stop the articles from being written or fan anxiety from growing in the mean time.

Note: It’s worth pointing out that Alter’s response was calm and level headed, for which he deserves some credit. Recently listening to his guest appearance on Steve Dangle’s podcast, he seems like one of the good ones. If I was inclined to get mad at anyone in all of this, it’s at Steve Simmons for his steamy dump of a column entitled “Kadri’s self-belief is stalling negotiations” from earlier this week.


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