Scotiabank Viewing Party Winners

Scotiabank Visa
Photo: Scotiabank

Yesterday’s contest didn’t go exactly as planned. In hindsight, it relied pretty heavily on the Leafs winning the game. Don’t blame us, though… who could’ve known readers on a Leafs fan site wouldn’t predict the Senators to beat the Leafs in a hockey game?

The following four posters receive viewing party ticket for getting the winning team right (lonsmos2 got the score right, too):

Supercilious – Sens 5-0
Lonsmos2 – Sens 3-2
Biltmore – Sens 4-2
Eugene Aronov – Sens 4-2

I drew the final name from a hat, and the final winner is gilmourhalloffame.

If you’re one of the winners, email brownscombealec(at) with your full name and you’ll be placed on the guest list.

Thanks to all who participated.