Friday Fun with Numbers

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.937Leafs team save percentage over all situations.

1 – Number of teams to ever break .930 over a full season: the Boston Bruins in 2010-11 with exactly .930. Obviously, overall save percentage has been steadily climbing in recent seasons.

32 – Total goals against through 14 games (2.29 GA/G).

43 – Total goals against if the Leafs team save percentage was .915 – a mark still good enough for 10th overall in the league (all situations). A drop from 3rd to 10th in team save percentage would take the Leafs from 6th to 23rd in goals against per game.

47 – Total goals for through 14 games (3.36 GF/G).

275 – The goals pace the Leafs are on over 82 games. If sustained, it would give the Leafs the most goals in a single season since Washington’s 313 in 2009-10. Only 2 teams have surpassed the 275 goal mark since the 2007-08 season (not including goal paces from 2013 truncated season).

187 – The Leafs current goals against pace. 187 has been good enough for a top 5 standing in the league in every season since the 2004-05 lockout.

2,958 – Current shots against pace for the Leafs (36.1/game). If sustained (surely not), it would be the highest shots against total since the 1992 Sharks, fresh off expansion, allowed 3,080 and finished 11-71-2. The worst shots against total since the turn of the millennium? Atlanta’s 2,911 in 2001-02, when they finished 19-47-11.

– 9.6 – The Leafs average shot margin. Better than only Buffalo.

8 – Wins when outshot (leads the league, 8-4, 0.66 win percentage when outshot). Best record when outshot in a majority of (>41) games? Boston’s 32-6-5 mark when outshot in the 2008-09 season.

9 – Number of assists by Cody Franson. Tied for 2nd in the NHL among defencemen.

10 – Dion Phaneuf’s plus/minus. Tied for 3rd in the league among defencemen.

(Almost) 10: Years since the Leafs last beat the Vancouver Canucks (November 24, 2003).

Bonus fun:

53 – Phil Kessel’s current goal scoring pace over 82 games.

6 – Leafs forwards on pace for 25+ goals.

Friday Morning Links:

– The Leafs have the Buffalo Sabres three times, the New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders and Nashville on the docket in the month of November. The Leafs should be able to keep it rolling with a schedule like that, and maybe even outshoot the odd team.

– Dave Bolland is a Leaf now, through and through. No fraternizing with Barack Obama and his ex teammates.

Carter Ashton will attend a hearing for his hit on Derek Smith on Wednesday night in Calgary. Only a 2 minute boarding call was assessed on the hit.

Coaches and GMs on the hot seat. DGB’s latest.

Get your Keep Calm & Corsi’s Wrong T-Shirt or Long Sleeve (women’s available).

Check out Morgan Rielly going on a rush and scoring as a novice player. If you missed it when we posted this last season, there’s also hilarious clip of Phaneuf at 9 years old launching clappers from the blueline, including one that almost takes out a parent in the stands.

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  • Marlies Man

    CanuckUKinToronto Yaknowwhat He said the media saw a 90 edited version of a longer recording. Yea, who knows what else is on there. Plus, there’s a second recording. Still, nothing there to lay a charge. Maybe just more shit talking.

  • Airfreshener

    Yaknowwhat CanuckUKinToronto House the video was taken at is a crack house. FYI, not saying it is crack but ya theres that.

  • Marlies Man

    Yaknowwhat Marlies Man lol yeah, I know but Rob Ford is more Chris Farley than Bill Clinton.

  • Marlies Man

    hoolihan Yaknowwhat CanuckUKinToronto He’s a Leafs fan … that makes it hockey related.

  • Pent_House

    Yaknowwhat There’s no way possible to prove what was in the pipe.

  • Marlies Man

    Yaknowwhat Pent_House yeah, it’s impossible to ‘prove’ what’s in there, but we all know that doesn’t matter in the court of public opinion.

  • Marlies Man

    Whew, dodged a bullet.

    Luongo isn’t too shy to admit it all these months later — he thought he was going to be a Toronto Maple Leaf. “I was pretty sure I was going to end up there,” the personable
    Luongo told the Toronto Sun in an interview on Thursday. “I was pretty
    shocked and surprised when I didn’t.”

  • Pent_House

    Yaknowwhat Pent_House Same thing with the video with Lisi making drop-offs to Ford. No way Ford gets in trouble for that either because the cops don’t have those bags, no way to prove what’s in there. It’s all circumstantial.

  • Pent_House

    Marlies Man Yaknowwhat Pent_House The worst all the perception will do is make him lose some votes come re-election time. He’ll still get re-elected, he does good work in the city.

  • Marlies Man

    Yaknowwhat Pent_House Lisi is up on extortion charges for trying to get that video back. Half of the documents released yesterday were blacked out until the trial. Who knows what’s in there.