Great Maple Leafs T-Shirts, Hoodies for the 2013-14 Season

Toronto Maple Leafs T-Shirts and Toronto Maple Leafs Hoodie
There was a demand for a non-gag, non-Corsi related MLHS Leafs shirt. We've got one made up.

Inspired by the shirt worn by Milos Raonic, this exclusive, subtly themed MLHS t-shirt has the 2013-2014 names carefully crafted into the 1970-Current Maple Leaf. The piping is reminiscent of the Maple Leafs Winter Classic Jersey, with a small nod to MLHS on the left side of the bottom pin stripe.

It is available for: girls, womens, boys and men in: tees, hoodie, and long sleeve T shirt.


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  • Cameron19

    Cloud09 Black_Hawk Cameron19 Actually, he’s only making 3.75 this year, so he could be acquired fairly easily right now.

  • Black_Hawk

    Cloud09 Black_Hawk Cameron19 if they take back players with contracts then it can work out

  • Reversethecurse67

    Black_Hawk Cloud09 Cameron19 Thing is, what chance will we have at another 1C, when and will he be a better player than Giroux. 
    If no chance, i say pony up for him. If they don’t accept Gunnarsson as the big piece, what will it take and what would you do?

  • Cloud09

    Cameron19 Cloud09 Black_Hawk Yea I just saw that on capgeek, well that takes one obstacle somewhat out of the way.

  • Black_Hawk

    Reversethecurse67 Black_Hawk Cloud09 Cameron19 1st we are Assuming he is even available, he probably is not but i agree if he is we should go after him.

  • Xxxxxnew

    Philly’s reasoning would be to mark THEIR team better, not the Leafs.

  • Black_Hawk

    Cloud09 Cameron19 Black_Hawk Why though? his cap is still the same no?

  • Reversethecurse67

    Xxxxxnew To Tor: Giroux
    To Phi: Franson and 1st

  • Cameron19

    Black_Hawk Cloud09 Cameron19 No.

  • Black_Hawk

    Cameron19 Black_Hawk Cloud09 oh so his new contract starts next season?