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Peter Deboer

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  • golieguy19

    Really disheartened with this team right now….

  • KrRyZeLeafsFan

    Leafs really need to go after Deboer to get Clarkson going and get these bums to play

  • KrRyZeLeafsFan

    Pete Deboer is a coach lol and he has a history with Clarkson

  • dontcallmeshirley

    The impression that I am getting is MSM is painting RC as a sympathetic figure. They are not really going after his head. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is back.

  • Sundin_13

    okay one more loss tomorrow to get a decent pick

  • TheGroobster

    I love how all the commmenters are hating on DeBoer. Not so sure if I want this guy coaching this team.

  • Mind Bomb

    Man they are trashing Deboer in the comments field on that article like he was RC or something lol

  • TheGroobster

    Mind Bomb  Exactly! lol

  • TheGroobster

    Gilbey93 Check the comments in the article about DeBoer

  • Jmessih

    All class this Drew character, really hope he gets an NHL look next year.
    30-year-old Drew MacIntyre on 1st career NHL start: “Very thankful. Thank God for the moment, the journey. It was awesome.”