Friday Mashup: Leiweke not long for Toronto

Tim Leiweke
TORONTO, ON- JULY 15 - New MLSE CEO Tim Leiweke is interviewed by the Toronto Star's Cathal Kelly at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, July 15, 2013. Steve Russell/Toronto Star

A year and three months into his tenure and Tim Leiweke has already submitted his one season’s notice. Never stable and ever bizarre, just another day at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

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  • Mattmark

    Nothing like commitment at the top to inspire the troops.
    The new corporate message: every man for himself.

  • BoneChompski

    Mattmark It’s tough to say if Tim leaving says more about Tim or about MLSE.  MLSE is a behemoth with many masters but it also offers an opportunity for influence and glory.  Leiweke has a track record of some success but not of constancy.  Is he a good guy caught in a bad position or is he a guy who gives up on hard jobs to search for something easier and more fun?

    Tough to say and in the end we just have to watch carefully going forward and we can find some of those answers.

  • LeafsForLife

    Something is missing here. He was brought in to do a huge turnaround for MLSE and hasnt happened. Its getting there but not yet. Leaving early hints at something behind the scenes has pushed him out. 
    Disappointing really.

  • Mattmark

    BoneChompski Mattmark It’s not a question of where to lay the blame.  Read the Globe piece.

  • BoneChompski

    Mattmark BoneChompski I did read the globe piece.  Cathal Kelly is a big Tim fan and the piece reads like it.  Is he objective in his analysis?  It seems like he is a member of the Leiweke cult of personality that he speaks about.

  • Mattmark

    BoneChompski Mattmark The piece suggests to this reader that Kelly is a big fan of seeing positive things actually getting done… and there’s no reason to suppose his feelings about Leiweke one way or the other impair his ability to assess the extent to which that’s been happening during the past year, in sharp contrast to the previous couple of decades.

  • Mattmark

    Dear MLSE Board,
    A history lesson:

    “You ask for a promise without limit of time and for all conditions. I cannot give it.”

    –The reply of the Prussian king that France took as suitable
    justification for precipitating the Franco-Prussian War… thanks to
    decision-making ineptitude of MLSE-like proportions, and much to their
    own subsequent sorrow.

  • Mattmark

    “The blame game won’t help MLSE one iota. They should have done
    everything in their power to support Leiweke, and wrung every possible
    drop of expertise out of him, until he left “someday”.

    “Now, they’ve turned his earliest exit date into his certain departure
    date, and rendered the next year of his employment “lame duck”. Life is
    impermanent, MLSE…”

  • BoneChompski

    Mattmark BoneChompski That’s cool.  I like some of the stuff Tim did too.  Some of the other articles up top present a different picture than Kelly did but as I posted earlier, I don’t know who to believe and I think time will tell what actually went on here.  Tim made some improvements over previous management, there is no reason to project that the guy who replaces Tim will undo that work.

  • BoneChompski

    Mattmark That’s an interesting way to present it.  Friedman’s article indicates that MSLE, hearing from other sources that Tim was thinking of leaving, asked Tim to commit to his full contract length (5 yr) and provide assurances that he would not use his early exit clause next June.  When he wouldn’t commit to that they decided to start the search for his replacement so as not to be left without a leader when he does use the early exit clause.