A miserable Saturday night game for Toronto saw them down three goals after the first eight minutes, chasing James Reimer from the net.

Ottawa added three more over the course of the game, easing to victory in the second meeting of the season series.


There was never much of a difference between the two teams in terms of possession stats, with Toronto pulling ahead in a meaningless third period. Things were not the same in chances, with Ottawa starting fast while building that big lead before holding on the rest of the way. The neutral zone was even overall, but Ottawa had a substantial advantage early that degraded over the remainder of the game. The Senators held a clear advantage in controlled entries.

The Senators owned the first eight chances of the game, and were up 14-5 in chances at the halfway point in what was a decisive blowout.

119:4100OttGOAL! Smith from MethotES3203440434731541446165
118:0701OttCeci drivesES2242834445652527414374
117:3201OttStone drivesPP151923344244541617493
115:3901OttGOAL! Zibanejad from PageauES15192334424434144616593
114:5302OttMethot from PageauES34404346475131541444561
113:4102OttSmith deflects Ceci shot wideES2344043444751541446174
111:2203OttSmith from ChiassonES154043454651154144657490
109:1203OttTurris from HoffmannES24043444547367416568
104:3003TorHolland drivesES15242644454631041659093
104:2603TorWinnik from reboundES15242644454631041659093
219:0603OttPrince deflects Zibanejad shotES2152426444551041749093
218:0803TorSpaling wide from BoyesES316202328456741454668
216:3103TorGrabner drivesES2154044453574168
216:1403OttTurris from HoffmanES215404445741454668
213:4203OttLazar from reboundES3192024434551015274145
212:5303OttKarlsson from DzingelES23284345465132741436590
212:5203OttGOAL! Lazar from reboundES23284345465132741436590
211:3004OttStone wide from loose puckES243444547741454661
210:4504TorPhaneuf from KadriPP3434445475414474
209:4504TorKomarov drivesPP152328454751341616590
208:4204OttHoffman drivesES2428454651565641446874
208:1604OttStone wide from HoffmanES24284546515654144616874
205:1204OttHoffman from TurrisES21624264445367416568
319:2104OttGOAL! Stone drivesES19434546475131041616593
319:1005TorWinnik drivesES2152426444551025414693
317:3505OttLazar from ChiassonES21523454656274143657490
317:3305OttGOAL! Lazar from reboundES21523454656274143657490
316:3506TorGOAL! Parenteau from WinnikES31520242645154144454661
315:3816TorHunwick wide from ParenteauES2152426444531025416593
309:1216OttKarlsson wide from WierciochES31520242645152541444665
304:4016TorBoyes from SpalingES31620284045567416874

Leafs Player Data


There’s very little positive to look at in these ugly numbers. That starts with Nazem Kadri. He had a great night against Boston earlier in the week, but was terrible on Saturday, mostly playing against Mark Stone’s line. Playing with Komarov and either Grabner or Lupul, he wasn’t on for a single Leaf chance, and was on for a team worst 10 chances against. After Kadri had the best chance performance of any Leaf this season versus Boston, this was the worst chance performance for any Leaf forward this year.

Tyler Bozak left the game after only a couple of shifts, leaving Peter Holland, P.A. Parenteau and Daniel Winnik as the second line. They were actually fairly effective, with strong possession numbers, and were the only line to consistently generate chances, although most of those came once the game was long since decided.

Jake Gardiner and Roman Polak had a terrible game, with very low Corsi numbers and chance numbers to match. They didn’t match up against any one line in particular, struggling across the board. Matt Hunwick and Morgan Rielly also ended up clearly in the red, with Hunwick a -6. Dion Phaneuf and Frank Corrado had a good game together, and were the only Leaf defensemen to finish at even.