Toronto’s roster in Edmonton was a far cry from what we’ve seen for most of the season, as most of the big names starting the year were missing.

While they did manage a couple of goals, they were unable to handle Edmonton’s top line, with Jordan Eberle scoring three goals and Connor McDavid getting two. The Leafs were again down by one in the third period, but like their game in Calgary, failed to get an equalizer.


The Leafs dominated the chances early, and ended up with a comfortable overall win in the category. They were also well ahead in Corsi early, but did see Edmonton narrow that gap early in the third period. For another night, they were excellent in controlled entries, but that was helped by being behind for so long.

Toronto were unlucky to get out of the first period tied, as McDavid’s opening goal was the only Edmonton chance of the entire frame. After that, Toronto had nine straight, but only one of those found the net. Edmonton started the second hot, opening up the lead again, before Toronto racked up eight straight chances only to see Eberle add a late third. Toronto’s effort was disappointing in the final period, as they did very little down the stretch with only one chance in the last eight minutes.

116:3100EdmGOAL! McDavid from PouliotES153338454651141925336797
115:0801TorSpaling from WinnikES216202628452516336797
113:3301TorParenteau from ArcobelloES1520333845522510263355
111:5401TorGOAL! Leivo drivesES202532455256192325283344
110:2311TorArcobello from faceoffES2153338444551425336797
110:0611TorArcobello from GreeningES2153338444551425336797
109:5511TorArcobello from RiellyES2153338444551425336797
104:4911TorKomarov drivesES244045464751245162933
101:2811TorBoyes wide from reboundPP202428454751216233388
100:5911TorHolland from reboundPP202428454751216233388
216:4211EdmSekera from McDavidSH264445525621433678897
213:3811EdmEberle wraparoundES21626444556143362678897
213:3511EdmGOAL! Eberle from loose puckES21626444556143362678897
212:4912TorArcobello wide from ParenteauPP1533384445562333556288
208:4712TorGardiner wide from KomarovPP2024284547512628336288
208:1512TorBoyes wide from KomarovPP2024284547512628336288
206:4012TorArcobello wide from loose puckES152033384551103344556288
206:2112TorGreening wraparoundES152033384551103344556288
206:0912TorParenteau wide from reboundES153338444551103344556288
205:3212TorGreening from reboundPP153338444556523283388
204:5312TorHolland from KomarovPP202428454751225263355
202:4112EdmMcDavid from EberleES1620264546472414336297
201:2412EdmGOAL! Eberle from McDavidSH24045465621416336797
319:2723EdmMcDavid drives wideES21626284445143362678897
314:0823EdmHall from KassianES2244044454741925334455
309:4623TorArcobello wide from BoyesEN152628334446232528334488
308:2123TorKomarov wraparoundPP202426454751525263367
308:1023TorKomarov wide from GardinerPP202426454751525263397
306:0523EdmGOAL! McDavid from PouliotES24404445464751425336797
304:5824EdmEberle from McDavidSH24045465621433556797
303:4924EdmEberle wide from HallSH240454641419293397
303:3924EdmHall from EberleSH240454641419293397
303:1124EdmSchultz from DraisaitlSH240454641419293397
303:0124EdmMcDavid drivesSH23345464721433556797
301:5924EdmHall from DraisaitlES16204044455241625293388
300:4225TorClune from WinnikES20252645525652526283355

Leafs Player Data


P.A. Parenteau and Mark Arcobello had another excellent game, teaming with Colin Greening on what ended up being the Leafs‘ top line. They allowed only one chance against, heavily limited controlled entries, and were the only regular Leaf line to generate offense. Without Nazem Kadri, Leo Komarov and Michael Grabner were quiet, teaming with Peter Holland to generate only a single chance for.

Matt Hunwick and Morgan Rielly were given the tough assignment against McDavid, and were clearly beaten on possession. They ended up close to even in chances, although that didn’t work out on the scoreboard. Frank Corrado was very impressive again, teaming with Martin Marincin to finish as a +4. Jake Gardiner also played well, while Roman Polak, his regular partner, had some tough moments away from Gardiner.