Mitch Marner
Mitch Marner - Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Image

Mitch Marner made the media rounds ahead of his charity event this weekend, touching on contract talks with the team, the loss of veteran mentor Patrick Marleau, and how the Leafs roster is shaping up after the offseason moves.

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Marner on contract negotiations, Marner All-Star Invitational (TSN1050)
Mitch Marner joined Landsberg and Colaiacovo on Friday morning to discuss contract negotiations and his All-Star Invitational charity event.

On whether he wants to stay in Toronto:

Yeah, that’s obviously the goal. But I’ve got to let Darren and Kyle do all the talking. We want to get this thing done before the season, so hopefully, something gets done here soon.

On whether William Nylander’s season after missing the start of the year plays on his mind:

I am sure something is going to get done before the season starts. Both sides are certain that will happen. I think there is really no rush. There is still a lot of time between there. For me, the main thing has been just relaxing this summer and trying to stay off of everything and just kind of focusing on the gym and on-ice stuff.

On how often he touches base with his agent about contract talks:

Not too much. He kind of knows not to really come and talk to me too much unless he thinks something is about to get done. We don’t talk too much about the contract stuff. Usually, when we are talking, it’s about trying to get me into somewhere in the States or a restaurant or something and if he knows anyone. That is usually the conversation.

Mitch Marner Discusses Current Contract Situation With Leafs (Tim & Sid)
Marner also joined Tim & Sid on Thursday evening to discuss his upcoming charity event and mostly played mum about ongoing contract talks.

On the status of contract negotiations:

I mean, it is still the same as when the summer started. My agent is doing all of that. I am leaving it all to him. For me, I am just kind of focusing on my event and trying to get better this summer for next year.

On how important it is to remain a part of the Toronto community:

It’s the place I grew up. It is the place that I would love to give back to and help as many people as I can. Hopefully, something works out.

On losing Patrick Marleau and Nazem Kadri as teammates:

It’s an unfortunate [part of the] business. It sucks to be a part of. You lose a lot of good buddies. I think the people that have been brought in can help the team a lot. It looks like it should be a good team.

Him and Patty both meant a lot to me, especially after Martin left. Naz was kind of the guy that looked out for us young guys and helped us out on the ice. He was kind of the protector. He did a lot for the team on the ice as well — on 5v5, power play, no matter what shift, he was giving it his all. He is definitely a guy we are going to miss.

Same as Patty. He brought a lot every day. He is a guy that you can talk to about anything and he would be honest with you. We’ll miss them both in the locker room.

On his relationship with the Marleaus:

It was kind of crazy thinking back on it now and how it all happened. He is a guy that meant a lot to me and Auston and our whole team. He did a lot for us. His family as well. They had us over a lot of the time on weekdays for dinner. Hanging out with their kids, it was just a lot of fun playing mini-sticks on a constant basis. It’s kind of breaking your back a little bit but it’s always so much fun playing with them. He’s a guy that comes around once in a lifetime and someone it is very special to now be friends with.

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