Mike Babcock addressed the media after his team’s 4-1 win over the San Jose Sharks, improving the Leafs’ record to 6-4-2 on the season.

On the team’s performance:

In the first, we scored one and we could’ve scored four. We had five grade-As in the first and came away with nothing. What I liked about the game is we had a turnover, they scored, but instead of getting crazy, we just stayed with it — stayed with it and didn’t give up much tonight, which is positive. We stayed the course.

We got the break there at the end of the period and then stayed patient in the third, too. A lot of the times, when you look at scores after games, you think a team blew another team out — it’s 4-1. Well, at the game… Everyone gets their points. Just stay patient and do your thing. Get an empty netter and get another one. Everything is good. You get what you wanted points-wise and then you get to score a goal and get an assist as well. I thought that was a good lesson for us and I thought our guys did a good job.

On limiting the Sharks to just 17 shots:

We just didn’t play as much in our own zone. You can’t play in your own zone. I don’t care how good you are in there, if you spend too much time in there, you take penalties and you get worn out. I thought we had good line changes. I thought we used everyone. I thought our players were engaged.

Now, they played last night. This is a different program for them, too. They won last night. I thought they started real well. We probably got better as the game went on. I don’t know if they did.

On the borderline high hit from Brendan Dillon on Auston Matthews:

One thing about that is we’ve got lots of people in the league to evaluate it, so I don’t need an opinion.

On whether he was concerned about Matthews’ availability:

He was playing tonight, wasn’t he? I couldn’t understand why he had to leave, and then I saw the hit. I didn’t see. I saw it in between periods and I said, “Okay, I guess that’s why they made him leave.”

On whether there is a chance Dermott or Hyman might be available tomorrow:

Not that I know of.