Jon Cooper addressed the media after his team’s 4-3 loss to the Maple Leafs in their final matchup before round one of the playoffs next week.

On whether he believes the team played with the right process:

I don’t know. It is hard. It is a weird game. I don’t know if anybody got anything out of that game.

Clearly, there was a mandate to call some penalties, and there were a lot of them. It is hard to really judge.

I don’t know. Probably no, to answer your [question].

On whether the way the came was officiated is something to keep in mind ahead of round one:

No. There was zero intensity in that game, I am telling you. There was none. It may look like it from the stands. That was an exhibition game. It wasn’t even a regular-season game.

On the referees pulling one guy out of each scrum:

Clearly, there was a mandate going into that game.

On whether it was disappointing to play a penalty-filled game in an opportunity to tune up for the playoffs vs. the Leafs:

We will get something out of it at some point when we go back and look at the tape, but as I said, they had a lot of players that play a lot of minutes not in the lineup. Hard to judge when they aren’t in there.

On a high shot-on-goal total and whether he is tipping his cap to Joe Woll:

We scored three. Should be enough to win. Can’t give up four.

On Pat Maroon’s status after leaving the game:

He will be alright.