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National Hockey League

Around the League: Glendale, Cormier, Mitchell, and Playoffs

Things may be relatively quiet in Leafs Nation these days, but that doesn't mean there has been a lack of excitement elsewhere in the NHL. As such, here are a few quick takes on some...

Hit to Head Rule

The NHL has finally done something right this decade. Hits to the Head will now officially be punished in the league, which offers up the option of suspending players more frequently should the violent...

Updated: Friday Night Notes

The league has announced a 3 game suspension for Maple Leafs rookie Mikhail Grabovski after the “abuse of an official” during last night’s loss to the Montreal Canadiens. The game got heated, and former...

Van Ryn Injury Update

During Saturday night's home game against the Canadiens, Mike Van Ryn went back in his own end to play the puck, and was subsequently hit from behind by Kostopoulous squarely on the numbers, sending...

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