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Tag: Michel Therrien

News and Notes: Mike Babcock Fever

What a day in Leafland. It wasn't exactly a Clarkson trade-level blindside news bomb, but even best-in-the-biz Bob McKenzie gave the Leafs zero chance at landing Mike Babcock 24 hours ago, as it appears only...

Post-Deadline Peformances, Part 1: Paying Dividends

It’s been 9 days since the deadline and already certain teams are rising and others are falling based on their performance on the “mayday” trade day. Here’s a closer look at how a few...

Post-Game: Leafs/Sabres A.K.A. The Snorer

Here’s a look back at all the exciting events that happened in tonight’s game: Nothing. Now on to the post-game reaction. Pogge was put in net for his first home game against the Buffalo Sabres –...

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