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Most fans had Randy Carlyle fired before the 2013-14 season ended.  He wasn't. Instead, Toronto's front office opted to extend the former Norris trophy winner.  Quotables citing Carlyle's experience and Stanley Cup-winning pedigree have been bandied about as support.  Even his detractors are unlikely to admit his retention immediately spells the end of this year's playoff hopes.  But a failure to significantly overhaul his defensive system of the past two seasons is likely to do exactly that. By now, you're all familiar with the infamous "swarm" tactic that the Leafs have employed (unsuccessfully) since the beginning of the 2012 season.  Many recognize it as...

Yesterday the Leafs partook in their annual golf tournament and pre-camp media rounds, where Joffrey Lupul touched on a topic that has popped up throughout the summer—the Maple Leafs have gotten older. I’m really excited with a lot of the guys we picked up. Robidas, Polak, Winnik . . . just a little bit of a veteran presence throughout the lineup is going to do a lot for us on and off the ice. The last couple of years we’ve been one of the youngest teams in the NHL and now we’ve added some more veterans, guys who have played in...

The Maple Leafs offseason has had a central theme of analytics and 'Moneypuck' due to their off-ice hirings and firings, but they have also followed this mantra with their on-ice additions. One of, if not the, main original concepts of 'Moneyball' is finding undervalued players due to perceived flaws and maximizing your spend on quality contributors. This clip from the movie sums it up nicely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGf6LNWY9AI As discussed earlier in the summer, the Leafs brought in a collection of players with strong underlying numbers on relatively harmless contracts. Shanahan’s “island of misfit toys,” in this case, refers to the signings of David Booth, Mike...
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In the 2005-06 season, the Maple Leafs had the second best power play in the league and one of the biggest reasons was Tomas Kaberle’s ability to gain the zone and set up the attack. Any Leaf fan can tell you it was mesmerizing to watch 'Kabby' slice up the neutral zone and work the attack like a QB as he glided to open space and found uncovered teammates with ease. The Red Wings had the best power play in the league in the 2008-09 season, and one of the big reasons behind it was their zone entry breakout, which the rest...

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He didn’t call anyone’s mother this time for a health report, but it’s bound to generate nearly as much noise just as training camp starts today: Dave Feschuk reported on Steve Spott's talk at a coaching clinic and got some scuttlebutt via unnamed coaches in attendance. The main subject was Phil Kessel, who it should be noted Feschuk has disparaged in the past (doesn’t mean this latest report is 100% untrue, it’s just history worth remembering). We'll leave the Kessel stuff to your own interpretation. The thing is - Feschuk can extract these quotes from a bunch of different sources, frame his...
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Randy Carlyle address the media at training camp on Thursday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L6Im5mzSno
Dion Phaneufvideo

Dion Phaneuf speaks with members of the media at training camp on Thursday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYOTgcsRWdQ
Dave Nonisvideo

David Nonis speaks with media at training camp on Thursday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTuSo5EE7QI
Steve Spott Leafs

Steve Spott gives some context for his second-hand quotes in yesterday's Toronto Star article about Kessel, while Dave Feschuk tries to fire questions at him.
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Steve Simmons speaks to the inaccuracies in the Dave Feschuk piece regarding Phil Kessel and Steve Spott not getting along.

Nazem Kadri speaks on the first day of training camp.

Daniel Winnik speaks on the first day of training camp.