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Garnet Exelby


    … you’ve got to lay the foundation.

    The house is the main attraction; it catches the eye and makes people want to stop and look.  But it is the foundation that holds it together at the core, and keeps it from sinking into the ground.

    Brian Burke has taken major steps towards building that foundation for the Toronto Maple Leafs, with his offseason moves thus far.


      Official Deal: Kubina + Tim Stapleton for Garnet Exelby + Colin Stuart.

      Turns out it’s Garnet Exelby + a few other parts coming back. Looks to be a salary cap clearance more than anything for something bigger… Burke’s expected to make a major push for Komisarek now as reported here earlier.

      Exelby’s a tough customer and a Canadian boy. The theme continues….

      The Leafs gain $2 million in cap space in the exchange.