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MLHS’ Alec Brownscombe chatted with Vice President of Hockey Operations and GM of the Toronto Marlies Dave Poulin earlier this afternoon. The conversation starts with a discussion of Poulin’s role in the organization and touches on the promotion of Chris Dennis to assistant coach, before leading into a discussion of the team’s possession play, team identity, and the off-season moves. The interview wraps up with a few questions about next season’s schedule. Enjoy.


Photo: Hans Deryk/Reuters

More Maple Leafs Annual bonus feature material for your enjoyment. Interview conducted by Steve Dangle. Be sure to check out the Reimer interview if you missed it earlier today.

Steve: Don’t you think that’s kind of funny though that while other guys are spending their summer relaxing, you’re out farming?

Aulie: Yeah, it’s just a way of life I guess. I like to do lots of other things other than just hockey. I like to get away from the game a little bit in the summer and do some other things and especially help out with the farm. I think it’s a good way to get a different mindset for a while, and when you jump back into the game you’re really refreshed. Farming’s got its own challenges and it’s kind of neat to work on something else for a bit.


And here you thought a magazine couldn't have add-on features.

Midway through the month of July, I had the privilege of chatting with Dave Poulin, Vice President of Hockey Operations with the Toronto Maple Leafs, for an article appearing in Maple Leafs Annual.

Having a professional background in publishing, I was not the least surprised that limitations on available space, plus design and layout constraints, resulted in the necessity to crop certain parts of the interview.

With the Annual due to hit stores next week, I thought I’d share a few of the “lost excerpts” from the cutting room floor in which Poulin offers his thoughts on the progress of the Toronto Marlies, as well as the emergence of the NCAA as a growing prospect pipeline.

Think of it as the equivalent of a “DVD extra” to your copy of MLA.


    Sent by Charlie

    Best. Advertisement. Ever.

    Longtime MLHS reader/commenter Charlie welcomed a new addition to his family the other day, and sent in this photo of the new bundle of joy with what is sure to become his favorite book of bedtime stories.

    As per tradition the baby (a boy) has not yet been named, so feel free to offer Charlie some suggestions in the meantime. My contributions are as follows: “Wendel”, and “Clark”.

    Congratulations Charlie, to you and your family, from all of us here at MLHS.