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Luke Schenn trade rumours 2012


Photo: Chris Young/The Canadian Press

Editor’s Note: Matt drafted this piece before last night’s atrocity.

With a regulation Rangers win over the Capitals this afternoon, the Toronto Maple Leafs currently sit in eighth place in the Eastern Conference standings. Despite the demoralizing no show from the Leafs last night, if the season ended today, they would do something the team hasn’t done in many, many years – make the playoffs.  With the trade deadline quickly approaching (February 27, 2012), the speculation as always is running rampant that the Leafs are poised to make a trade to improve the team’s current roster.

While making the playoffs is the goal of every team I have to ask the question – should the Leafs actually be sellers at the deadline?  Now, before you freak out or send me a nasty email, let me first say I am only asking the question, not necessarily recommending it.  But does this idea have merit and make sense for the betterment of the team going forward?