Photo: Toronto Star/Steve Russell

According to various sources including Bob McKenzie of TSN, the Leafs bought out winger Colby Armstrong:

McKenzie tweeted:

“Colby Armstrong is being bought out by TOR. Will be on unconditional waivers at 12 noon ET.”

According to

If Colby Armstrong buyout goes through, MapleLeafs cap space will increase by $2M to $14.8M

McKenzie also tweeted:

Buyout of Armstrong, courtesy of capgeek, means TOR will have cap hit next season of $1M instead of $3M, but $1M year after instead of $0.

I won’t say this wasn’t surprising. Of course, anyone can argue that Armstrong had an injury history with the Leafs that’s longer than DiPietro’s contract but does it really make that much sense to buy him out now? Is Komisarek next? What are your thoughts on this?

What is most probable is that this move was made mainly to free up a roster spot, not so much for its cap implications which come in as somewhat of a bonus.

However things pan out, just wanted to wish Colby good luck and thank him for all the hard work he did for the Leafs. You too can do so via twitter @armdog if you so choose.

This was his message to the fans:

Thanks to the leaf nation for the support over the last couple seasons. Although I had tough luck thanks for everything.