In the latest episode of the MLHS Podcast, Nick Ashbourne and Anthony Petrielli discuss Craig Berube’s hiring as head coach and possible shifts in approach behind the Leafs’ bench compared to Berube’s predecessor. 

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Episode Topics

  • First impressions/takeaways from Craig Berube’s introductory press conference and overall thoughts on the hiring (1:00)
  • How will Berube adjust to a team with the Leafs‘ calibre of star talent? What will accountability look like between Berube and the top players? (8:45)
  • Reflecting on Sheldon Keefe’s approach to big-picture thinking and line/player roles throughout the regular season, and how Berube’s approach may differ (19:30)
  • Craig Berube’s special teams track record and St. Louis’ strengths as a team under his leadership (25:30)
  • The “accountability” buzzword and what it might actually look like in reality + the Keefe vs. Berube approach to message sending in the media (28:10)
  • The philosophical cohesion between the coaching staff and Brad Treliving under Craig Berube vs. Sheldon Keefe (35:50)
  • Is there value in seeing a more experienced core four/five under a new head coach before breaking it up? (40:30)