My cousin, Mike Sullivan (wicked guy, follow him on twitter @mickeysullz) and I have been talking about doing some interviews with bands for a while now and we have our first one up. We’re proud to have Heavy Metal Gods “Sacrifice” as our first guests.

For those that don’t know them, they are one of Canada’s first, and arguably all around best, pure thrash metal bands. Sacrifice was formed in Toronto, in 1985, and quickly earned a recording contract with leading independent Metal Blade on the strength of a promising pair of demos. For the span of three albums: 1986’s Torment in Fire, 1987’s Forward to Termination, and 1990’s Soldiers of Misfortune, the group consists of Rob Urbinati (follow him on twitter!) (vocals/guitar), Joe Rico (guitar), Scott Watts (bass), and Gus Pynn (drums); but the latter pair was replaced by Kevin Wimberley and Michael Rosenthal, respectively, for the recording of 1993’s swan song, Apocalypse Inside. This marked a return to original home Metal Blade for the talented band, which decided to disband the following year.

The band reformed  in 2006 and eventually recorded The Ones I Condemn (2009), with Marquee Records Brazil – Sonic Unyon/War on Music/Cyclone Empire. I was first turned onto them from their last release: a split 7″ record with Canadian Punk Band,Propagandi who are huge fans. Sacrifice are a Canadian treasure and blazed a trail for technical heavy metal and that are renowned in music circles as being a legit, groundbreaking, genre defining band.

A quick shout out: The intro music was graciously provided by The Mahones (Medley in e minor from Angels and Devils) and voice over intro and bookend by our good friend, Rockin’ Rory O’Shea (Follow him on twitter! @RoryOShea.)


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