Leafs sign Jonathan Bernier to 2-year, $5.8 million deal (2.9m AAV)


Jonathan Bernier will earn $1,100,000 more than James Reimer next season despite being considerably less proven. We’re almost in a position now where we’re hoping Bernier takes over the number one spot. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

The Leafs have now forfeited Ben Scrivens, Matt Frattin, a 2nd round pick and about $2.5 million in cap space (Bernier contract + 500k retained salary – Scrivens contract) to add Bernier to the fold. Guess he better live up to the hype.

The price makes some sense when you consider Bernier would have been very vulnerable to an offer sheet if left unsigned much longer. That hurts Nonis’ leverage in this negotiation and is likely why Bernier was the first notable RFA signed by the team. That was part of the risk the Leafs took on by acquiring Bernier.

The Leafs have 10 million in cap space remaining with RFAs Nazem Kadri, Cody Franson, Carl Gunnarsson, Joe Colborne and Mark Fraser left to re-sign.

Bernier will be an RFA at the expiration of his new deal (July 1, 2015).

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  • flappypaddle

    Im am just flatout disgusted by this move. Just shaking my head he should have gotten at mostthe same as reims.
    The past two days have hurt the Leafs imo. The Grabo buyout to sign Bozak to about 700kper to much again imo. But this deal just hurts I truly wish reims the best and i hope he gets dealt so he dosent have to put up with this bs he deserves better then this.
    Im really left scratching my head.

    • rustynail

      flappypaddle and a UFA at the end of the contract, worst of all worlds

  • Komas Taberle

    Let’s be realistic here, Reimer is a good goalie but a flawed good goalie, he gives out to many rebounds, loses sight of the puck , is slow going post to post and can’t handle a puck outside his crease and can’t catch worth a damn.
    Bernier has a pedigree, a 1st rounder, who goes post to post quicker than 90 % of the goalies in the league, he has outstanding balance and can read the game like nobody we have, he is brilliant at handing the puck which helps our defense immensely and has a wicked glove hand. Johnathan Quick who is one of the top goalies in the world was quoted as saying Johnathon Bernier will be his equal in no time, all he needs is to play.
    I have watched him very closely he is a much, much better goalie than Reimer and you will see when the games start for real in October.

  • NatBornKilleR93

    Really wow

  • JMAC17

    A bit high, but he is supposed to be the real deal, give him till December before you judge the deal.

  • thebigbokowski

    Bernier is gunna be a stud. Unfortunate situation for Riemer though. To bad, i really liked the kids attitude.

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    it seems like everything written about the new leafs aquisitions has such a negative undertone to it, its like we hope they fail. We should really be happy that we have such talent fighting for jobs on our team, its only a good situation…

    • http://i.imgur.com/MyKj5C3.gif ingy56

      Dangle_My_Berries I remember a time when we were happy getting new talent, now it seems people get hung up on the business side too much.

    • ShotgunCharlie

      Dangle_My_Berries well…which of the moves made deserves confidence? Slotting Bozak as a 1C again?  Signing an unproven goalie to a 2.9 million contract? Signing a 40pt winger to a 7 year deal for over 5 million?

      • Dangle_My_Berries

        ShotgunCharlie Dangle_My_Berries Bozak did centre one of the most productive lines in the NHL. We signed arguably one of the most sought after goalies  that didnt have a full time gig, and Clarkson is a big upgrade on Frattin. Lets let them play a game first before you send them to hell.

        • ShotgunCharlie

          Dangle_My_Berries ShotgunCharlie well…if you like building your team on question marks….you have chosen the right city

        • Dangle_My_Berries

          ShotgunCharlie Dangle_My_Berries Reimer was a big question mark a year ago….

        • ShotgunCharlie

          Dangle_My_Berries ShotgunCharlie yes and we tried to get a goalie in to help alleviate that problem.

        • Dangle_My_Berries

          ShotgunCharlie Dangle_My_Berries im just reserve judgement for now and give the new guys the benefit of the doubt. I wanna give them a chance

    • Holmboi

      Dangle_My_Berries i have to agree with you..always to much negativity

  • Numbersgame

    Nonis was scared of an offer sheet plain and simple

    • JMAC17

      Numbersgame yeah, they are a rea risk this year…can put a team in a real pinch really quick

      • Numbersgame

        Pretty sure Philly would of offered him 5.5 mil a year for life

    • ShotgunCharlie

      Numbersgame I guess that means Kadri is next then

  • http://mapleleafshotstove.com/ FreddyG

    “Thehttp://mapleleafshotstove.com/have now forfeitedhttp://mapleleafshotstove.com/roster/ben-scrivens/,http://mapleleafshotstove.com/roster/matt-frattin, a 2nd round pick and about $2.5 million in cap space (Bernier contract + 500k retained salary – Scrivens contract) to add Bernier to the fold. Guess he better live up to the hype.”

    Bang. Fucking. On. 
    More than just support for Reimer, to provide competition… Bernier has to come in and take over the pipes.
    James must feel completely dissed.

    • JMAC17

      @FreddyG Forget being dissed, Remier is a good goalie and will play some where if not here.
      Its about winning…Bernier gives us a another solid goalie…battle it out

      • ClarkHitsBell

        These guys are pros. Screw their feelings, it’s about winning now and if Reimer doesn’t get that he wouldn’t be where he is now. This will make him better and in turn make the Leafs better.

  • MaxwellHowe

    Nonis feared an offer sheet and the needless loss of Frattin, Scrivens and a pick.  That’s my thinking on this.  Bernier had him by the balls.  Of course, Nonis had handed them to him on a platter

  • Mind Bomb

    I got Laughed at when I said Bernier could get 4 mil on a long term contract, he got just under 3 on a 2 yr. We are not signing all our RFA’s for under 11 mil