Peter Holland & First Round Picks ranked by AHL Points Per Game (2004-2010)


Peter Holland made his debut for the Leafs last night, playing 12 even strength minutes next to JvR and Kessel. Obviously it was nothing to read too far into, but Holland was strong in the circle (he was only 38% over 4 games in Anaheim, but went 7 for 11 last night), had one good chance in the slot, and showed a smooth skating ability for a big guy.

Said Randy Carlyle: “I thought he did OK, it’s hard when a young guy comes in. It’s not like we hid him in the lineup.. That’s what we believe; if you acquire young players, it wouldn’t be right to put him in a non-offensive situation, so that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

What follows is a list of forwards drafted in the first round between 2004 and 2010, with an 80-game minimum cut off for AHL games played (playoff games were included). At risk of stating the obvious, elite offensive players typically bypass the AHL altogether or play less than 80 games in the AHL before graduating to the NHL full time (Bobby Ryan being a rare exception).

Rank (AHL PPG)ForwardDraft - OverallAHL GamesAHL PointsAHL PPGNHL PPG
1Bobby Ryan2005 - 2nd1051071.020.92
2Kyle Palmieri2009 - 26th1501360.910.39
3Nazem Kadri2009 - 7th1301170.900.66
4Peter Holland2009 - 15th1291140.880.24
5Jiri Tlusty2006 - 13th1601360.850.40
6Max Pacioretty2007 - 22nd87730.840.61
7Kyle Turris2007 - 3rd86710.830.48
8Zach Boychuk2008 - 14th2702190.810.24
9Rob Schremp2004 - 25th2171730.800.47
10Mikkel Boedkker2008 - 8th100720.720.39
11Brett Connolly2010 - 6th94650.690.21
12Nino Niederreiter2010 - 5th80540.680.17
13Cody Hodgson2008 - 10th82540.660.58
13Michael Grabner2006 - 14th2121400.660.52
13Jack Skille2005 - 7th2141420.660.27
16Joe Colborne2008 - 16th1691060.630.29
16Gilbert Brule2005 - 6th102640.630.32
18Nicklas Bergfors2005 - 23rd2571500.580.48
19Chris Stewart2006 - 18th103580.560.62
20Lauri Korpikoski2004 - 19th179990.550.34
20Mark Zagrapan2005 - 13th2381310.550
22Jordan Caron2009 - 25th125680.540.27
23Mattias Tedenby2008 - 24th84440.520.26
24Trevor Lewis2006 - 17th2041010.490.17
25Carter Ashton2009 - 29th146650.450.04
25Chris Chuko2004 - 24th2831270.450
27Kyle Beach2008 - 11th170750.440
27Jim O’Brien2007 - 29th221970.440.19
29Greg Nemisz2008 - 25th202840.420.07
30Kyle Chipchurra2004 - 18th214900.420.22
31Colton Gilles2007 - 16th183690.380.12
31Kendal McArdle2005 - 20th215810.380.07
33Angelo Esposito2007 - 20th124380.310
34Ryan O’Marra2005 - 15th299890.300.21

To keep it short and easy for your Sunday morning: while Holland has been slower to emerge than some of the top players on this list, he has the AHL numbers to suggest he could be an above-average-to-good NHL point producer down the road. His NHL point-per-game rate so far ranks him pretty low, but that doesn’t mean much given he’s only played 29 games.

In the short term, we will have to see if Holland sticks with the big club, and if he does where he will fit once Tyler Bozak and Nazem Kadri return (which for Kadri will be Thursday vs. the Predators; Bozak is eligible to return for that game as well, but it will depend on if he’s ready).


Holland after last night’s game:

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  • Rye

    Good stuff.
    2nd line C potential. We’ll see if he gets there. He’ll get at least one more game centering Reemer and Kess.

  • HeatherRickAkin

    Given the lack of skill forward depth , and the abundance of defence prospects, this trade has to be rated as a coup , especially if Holland reaches the level you hope for in a #15 overall pick . Blacker may also become an NHLer, but he was in a real battle to keep pace with guys like Percy and Finn, and a couple of Swedes . And, I really like the looks of Andrew MacWilliams in pre season games. I think Fraser got hurt last night, so if the Buds want to replace Frasers physical game, MacWilliams could get a chance (depending on his AHL play). Like many of us, I wonder how much faith RC has in Rielly . He aint gonna get better sipping coffee in the press box . If Rielly plays, I bet Gardiner sits …that’s Carlyles style …even though Gardiner is playing better than Franson and Gunnar. The thing about Franson is that he is kind of skitzy , but he makes enough plays that result in goals, you need him in there . Gunnar  ???  Not going there …every time I mention his weaknesses , I get smoked . Lets just say I am not a big fan .

  • Wilbur

    When I look at the picture of Holland at the very top of this blog why do I suddenly feel like saying “I’ll take 80’s one hit wonders for $500 Alex”? I’m thinking A-Ha and Take On Me :)

  • Burtonboy

    CanuckUKinToronto HeatherRickAkin I believe Gunnar will be around for a while yet . It all depends on how quickly Rielly can move his way up the depth chart . Love how Rielly plays and I believe he’s going to be a stud but for now I hope he can slot in on the 3rd pair with Ranger for now with 2nd PP duties and go from there.

  • Wilbur

    Burtonboy CanuckUKinToronto HeatherRickAkin Now is not the time to trade Gunnar if he’s even going to be traded. We need defensive depth and since we fancy ourselves a playoff team we will need lots of it. We’ve already seen how quickly injuries can ravage a team.

  • Burtonboy

    Wilbur Burtonboy CanuckUKinToronto HeatherRickAkin Absolutely Wilbur . He might get bumped down the depth chart though as Rielly develops  . Maybe eventually 3 rd pair or something like that

  • Burtonboy

    CanuckUKinToronto Kinda hard to figure out any draft scenarios yet . I suspect we will see more deal with picks coming our way before then .

  • Zep2

    CanuckUKinToronto Commentators were going on last nite about Marlie centres being sent a wake up call. 
    I agree with you, the wake up call was sent to Kadri. The kids got great talent and heart , but very little brain at times.
    Grapes said the same last nite- SMARTEN UP

  • Knights2Leafs

    Hey, this is a pretty positive chart.  I knew he had some injuries but he must have missed some time to have played 1 less AHL game than Kadri.  
    We do need to fatten that boy up a little.  185 lbs on a 6’2″ frames is slender.  Put 20 lbs on the boy (slowly feed him some of Phil’s cookies) and he will be much stronger on the puck.

  • Loric76

    CanuckUKinToronto Didn’t the Bernier 2nd automatically become a 2015 pick when we traded our 2013 and 2014 2nd’s for Bolland?  Wasn’t that the Bolland deal or am I remembering incorrectly