In a far more entertaining second episode of 24/7, both clubs are mired in the frustration of losing too many games, with the respective head coaches serving as the central characters. A furious Mike Babcock sends an HBO cameraman scurrying out of the Wings dressing room. During Randy Carlyle’s outburst, the Toronto cameraman has the foresight to tape through a half-closed door rather than standing in the middle of the maelstrom.

Among the must-see Leaf-related moments:

Carlyle peels paint:
The first proper freak out by Carlyle of the 24/7 series came down 3-0 at the second intermission versus Florida. Wow.

Here was Carlyle at about 75% pissed off when the team was down 1-0 to Pittsburgh after 1:

We can’t stop:
Entered the 24/7 series hoping to see Jake Gardiner dance shirtless to Miley Cyrus? Here you go:

Dion vs. Phil ping pong match.
Talk about a role reversal: Dion is the forehand sniper and Kessel is good at defence.

Leafs vs. Penguins:
Dion and Sid have a who-hit-who argument at center ice.

A few Monday morning Leafs links…

The Leaf rollercoaster continues
Another Leaf lead evaporates late in the game on Saturday.

Nazem Kadri facing great challenges and getting less luck
From Jonas Siegel.

James Reimer wasn’t happy about getting pulled
He deserved the yank on Saturday. Makes you wonder if the reaction was more a culmination of how he feels he’s been treated this season.

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