HBO 24/7: Leafs / Red Wings Episode #2 (Open Thread)

HBO 24/7: Maple Leafs - Red Wings
HBO 24/7: Maple Leafs - Red Wings

MLHS hopes those affected by the power outages are doing OK – if you’re one, stop wasting your remaining cell battery and get off MLHS.

This second episode of HBO 24/7 will juxtapose the Leafs‘ brutal losses to St. Louis and Florida with one of the best wins of the season vs. Chicago.

Here is a link to a YouTube video. I’m not sure if it’s a legal copy, so I won’t embed here.

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  • Dangle_My_Berries

    pumped to watch this one.

  • Alec Brownscombe

    so I was away all weekend for a wedding in the family.

    (as you might be able to tell, as MLHS slacked off this  weekend)

    Someone give me the coles notes on the game last night – Reimer/Carlyle thing, who looked good, why they gave up another late lead, etc.

    Gonna rewatch in full before bed

  • MaxwellHowe

    Alec Brownscombe why ruin your evening?

  • Alec Brownscombe

    MaxwellHowe Alec Brownscombe I haven’t missed a Leafs game since early high school, not gonna change now.

  • MaxwellHowe

    Alec BrownscombeMaxwellHowe You’re either committed, or you should be

  • BringBackYushki

    WOW power loss has hit this site hard , cricket cricket

  • MaxwellHowe

    BringBackYushki Hmmmm…a Leafs conversation without Ontarions.  Fascinating

  • MaxwellHowe

    -Keon-MaxwellHoweBringBackYushki watch the game last nite.  Its too bad the Leafs can’t string together a winning streak by only playing 20 minutes a night

  • juliesucks

    Alec BrownscombeMaxwellHowe 
    Holland looked good.
    We sucked in the 1st.
    Looked gritty coming back to tie it.
    Reimer was dank.
    Dion hit the net.
    We had major breakdowns after getting the lead in the 3rd.

    Bernier made a couple great saves late in the 3rd to get a point.
    Wings sucks.
    Leafs suck.
    Great game, if you’re an AHL fan.

  • RikkiLee_82

    LeafsNews MapleLeafs :)))) #go leafs go…the leafs need a show like the oilers (oil change) will that ever happen??