Maple Leaf Hangout Ep. #28: Leafs goalies w. Eli Rassi


Bill Meltzer, Philadelphia Flyers correspondent for, joins Michael and Michael to tee up Friday’s Leafs-Flyers game, before In-Goal Magazine’s Eli Rassi joins the show to talk Leaf goaltending.

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  • vinoa

    Toronto, we have a problem.

  • Zep2

    I wish Nonis would have tried yo get Coutourier in the fall when Flyers were on the ropes
    Hopefully Gauthier turns out to be a reasonable facsimile

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    I love you guys!!  What a shitty day at work.  Coming home to an MLHS Hangout….it’s the bees knees!!

  • Gozo

    Lets cheer for the Habs tonight. Just for tonight.

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    No to Laviolette!!

  • rustynail

    Bon Scott was a Leaf fan  Nolan after the Sabers let him go

  • rustynail

    Gozo  nope against the Red Wings

  • Bon Scott was a Leaf fan

    rustynail Bon Scott was a Leaf fan  
    I thought Nolan was extending in Buffalo…no?? If they let him go….I’d take him in a heartbeat.  Never understood why he was blackballed from the NHL.  I’ve love to have Nolan in Toronto.

  • The_Polish_Cannon

    Bon Scott was a Leaf fan rustynail  that contract talks have been dragging on forever, it doesn’t make sense that Buffalo would let him go.