Tim Leiweke on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight


Key Leafs-Related Quotes:
  • Biltmore

    I’m guessing player agents and out of work coaches make up 50% of the viewing audience tonight.

  • The_Polish_Cannon

    I see Legros & Motti is a sponsor of the site. I’m in St. John’s for the week and ate their the other night, great place. Headin to the Ice Caps game now!

  • rustynail

    CanuckUKinToronto  we will find out in a month or two

  • TheCanucksnaphook

    The_Polish_Cannon  Enjoy the game !!

  • Belfour20/JB-45

    So how do you guys feel about our chances of making it to the show?

  • Savo43

    Leiweke is a great guy to have in charge. Great enthusiasm and energy, and really cares.

  • Jay_Berg

    Belfour20/JB-45  thats a joke right?

  • TheCanucksnaphook

    Savo43  haha

  • reenergized

    What a great interview!!!

  • JMAC17

    Savo43  Really like listening to him…I know he has his issues and fucked up a few names….but this guy sounds like a real leader.