2014 NHL Draft Lottery – Harnessing the Power of 3.6%


This event gets its own TSN broadcast for reasons of hockey and Canada, especially given the audience this year. It’s a sad indictment of the current NHL affairs north of the border that six Canadian fan bases will be hoping for a miracle during tonight’s lottery draw.

The team with the best odds last picked first in 2010. The Leafs have an 8.7% chance of moving down to 9th overall, but a 3.6% chance of moving all the way up to 1st.


PickLottery Odds
1 - Buffalo25.00%
2 - Florida18.80%
3 - Edmonton14.20%
4 - Calgary10.70%
5 - NY Islanders8.10%
6 - Vancouver6.20%
7 - Carolina4.70%
8 - Toronto3.60%
9 - Winnipeg2.70%
10 - Ottawa2.10%
11 - New Jersey1.50%
12 - Nashville1.10%
13 - Phoenix0.80%
14 - Washington0.50%

Bill Daly will reveal the results at 8 p.m. EST on TSN.

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