Maple Leafs select Pierre Engvall 188th overall


With their final pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, the Maple Leafs have selected big winger Pierre Engvall out of Frolunda in the SuperElit league.

All in all, the Maple Leafs have selected two Swedes, three Americans and a Russian in their six picks in the 2014 Entry Draft. It’s the first instance we can find of the Leafs not drafting a single Canadian in an entry draft (although William Nylander was born in Canada, he moved to Sweden at 14 and competes for Sweden internationally). This pick follows the pattern of the Leafs turning over their 7th rounder to Swedish area scout Thommie Bergman as they have in recent drafts with Viktor Loov, Tom Nilsson (also with Frolunda) and Andreas Johnson (also with Frolunda).

The 6’4, 201-pound Engvall posted 35 points in 39 games for Frolunda J20.

Dave Morrison on Pierre Engvall

“It’s another guy with a real high ceiling, we think. He’s big, tall, he skates well, he’s got real good hands. He’s been very inconsistent to date. With the Euros now in this last CBA, we get 4 years with them. Frolunda, historically, has had a really good program. They’ve done a real nice job with Tom Nilsson. We’re just hoping, 3 or 4 years from now, we’ve got a 6’4 winger with great hands and can play in your top 6 or 9.”

Pierre Engvall Scouting Report

Engvall is a big power forward who is hard to knock off the puck. His size is a big asset, as he drives hard to the net without taking many penalties.

Pierre Engvall Statistics

2012-2013FROLUNDA JR.SWEDEN-JR.42020
2012-2013FROLUNDA U18SWEDEN-JR. U183018163422
2013-2014FROLUNDA JR.SWEDEN-JR.3917183542
2013-2014FROLUNDA U18SWEDEN-JR. U18161125368
  • 4evrblue

    Not taking a Canadian is weird but whatever. 
    Only time can tell how this draft shakes down in the end

  • reenergized

    would be nice if we found a late round diamond in the rough … or in this kids case, a really rough diamond :) 6-4 200+ lbs at 18 is a good start :) you cannot teach that

  • dlb Mad

    i’ve enjoyed the past few world juniors watching our prospects play.  in particular, for Canada.
    it’ll be a litle disappointing this year going back to the decades without.
    hope some of these kids pan out.  ultimately that’s what it’s all about.

  • Pent_House

    Polak is a huge pickup!

  • Waiting4LSC

    Pent_House PH:  What makes you say that, good sir?  I would have preferred a #2D if possible, but feel NoNo settled (as usual).

  • wendelsfist

    We should have traded Gunnar and the 4th for Shea Weber instead of Polak.  Nonis is a stupid GM

  • Mind Bomb

    So where is everybody ?

  • wendelsfist

    I’d even throw in Clarkson or Gleason to sweeten the pot.

  • Xxxxxnew

    Nylander was born here and moved to Sweden at 14. Maybe he can switch back.

  • Xxxxxnew

    Split up over all the different threads I’ll bet. Probably a wrap up coming later.