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Jared McCann is one of the top two-way players available in the draft this year. How high he goes will depend on how much potential you think he has at the next level. There are definitely components to his game that point to a player with the potential to produce offensively at the NHL level. Firstly, he’s a terrific skater who is both explosive to holes and has a great top-end speed. He can also carry and receive passes at top speed and can be a dangerous player in transition. Secondly, his shot and release are top notch. He’s terrific in the slot and has no trouble playing through traffic. McCann is also a terrific player away from the puck, is great in puck retrieval, and plays with a high energy level. He can play a physical game at times, but it’s not a consistent part of his game at this point. I can see the other side of the argument, though, about a perceived lack of potential. There are times when the play dies on his stick in the offensive end because he over handles the puck or tries to force a pass. He also has trouble slowing the game down sometimes and can play with tunnel vision, skating with his head down coming across the blue line with speed. McCann’s production this season was definitely impressive, though, considering the Soo’s balanced attack. I think that he’ll become a more consistent offensive threat as he matures. He’s a safe bet to play in the NHL, even if you aren’t convinced he has top 6 potential.
– Brock Otten, OHL Prospects

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Hlinka Memorial:51010.200|
OHL Cup:528102180|
  • Great Dane

    We need players with talent and hockey IQ, somethings you can’t teach.
    Big, strong and energetic is not good enough.

  • Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs

    Great Dane 
    Hi GD. Are you the same GD as in the ESPN fantasy league? I cannot assume these things as some fantasy players have actually stolen other MLHS members names.

  • Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs

    CanuckUKinToronto Great Dane 
    My opinion is we have two huge needs. Stay at home d-men with atleast 7 years NHL experience atleast 2 of them one with Gardiner the other with Rielly.
    The other need is quality skilled forwards. After Kessel we are ranking Kadri Lupul and JVR as those guys. Now I love JVRs grit getting in the way of the goal tender but NON of those three could walk into a contenders top six NONE. As it goes skill and keeping the puck passed swiftly in their zone then we are seriously lacking.

  • joelisaac323

    LeafsNews nooooooooo! Please no! Leafs already used a 1st rd draft pick on a 2 way center last year.

  • Great Dane

    Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs Great Dane Yes I am – got a trade proposal from right

  • Great Dane

    CanuckUKinToronto Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs Great Dane  You are spot CUKinT.

    We need top end skill for the forward lines – beyond Kessel and JVR there is very little.

    Center is the absolute weak point. Maybe and it is borderline maybe Kadri is good enough for to be a second line center.

    Kadri, Bolland and Bozak are not a winning formula. Max one of those three would be on a contending team

  • Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs

    Great Dane Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs 
    Yeah we have been chatting on the odd occasion and I remember trying to get Khudobin off of you. Thinking just like you hes calder eligible – but he isnt?
    To be Calder eligible you have to be 26 or younger prior to the season starting. He was 27, 28 now.
    I could swear he was younger – have they just found his russian passport or was it a fake – lol.

  • Komas Taberle

    Great Dane CanuckUKinToronto Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs
    Yes as a 3rd liner they would be.

  • Great Dane

    Komas Taberle Great Dane CanuckUKinToronto Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs yep

  • Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs

    Komas Taberle 
    I wouldnt totally be against the idea of going forward with all 3 players as a wholesale change would no doubt just make us a team of individuals untill they learned to play with each other.
    I would certainly add skill, size, and face off ability at 1C. I could see Bolland and Bozak taking turns manning the 2nd or 3rd. Given both the position they are best suited to but also giving them opertunities to score. Kadri though has to go on the wing. I just hate him as a center and if hes not prepared to play on the wing then sell him on.