Maple Leafs re-sign Trevor Smith to one-year contract


The Maple Leafs have brought back Trevor Smith on a one-year, one-way $550,000 contract.

This is a no-brainer for the Leafs, as Smith is quality depth and the captain of the Marlies.

With the Leafs last season, Trevor Smith played at a 32 point pace averaging less than 10 and a half minutes of ice time per game, but he collected all of his nine points in 28 games when playing up the lineup. In the three games when both Nazem Kadri was suspended and Tyler Bozak was hurt in mid November, he collected five of his 9 playing some shifts with Joffrey Lupul, Mason Raymond and David Clarkson. Not surprisingly, he was a nonfactor when he was played in a spare-minutes 4th line role.

It’s possible Smith fills the role as the Leafs’ 4C out of camp, although that seems unlikely to me with Santorelli, Kontiola and Holland all around and likely to get some looks in the bottom 6 C spots to start the season. Smith is what he is at this point – as in he’s not going to develop into something more like Holland – and he might not give the team the type of impact it wants from a veteran in a 4th line energy role, but he provides a depth call-up option capable of stepping into the top 9 if the Leafs face another sticky situation with injuries down the middle.

One anticipates Smith will spend more time captaining the Marlies than he was able to during the 2013-14 season. Between an injury and big-club duty, Smith appeared in just 24 regular season games for the Marlies last year, posting 10 goals and 26 points.

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  • Loric76

    Glad to see Smith return.

  • Burtonboy

    Congrats Smitty . Well deserved

  • wendelsway1

    Burtonboy Absolutely…..great role model for the kids and depth player for the Leafs when/if injuries occur…….Very happy he’s back in the fold.

  • HeatherRickAkin

    When I saw the Smith signing, I thought …. ok, not a bad hockey player . Then I thought, hey,  that describes most of this summers Leaf  signings, and several incumbent Leafs .  Other than young Nylander , who may become a difference maker , pretty vanilla this summer for the blue and white. I cant help but harken to a comment I have seen , maybe more than once, in describing what the Leafs are up to this summer. My words : they are positioning for a shot at McDavid . They are so often accused of having no plan , and yet this could very well be there “A” Plan  , and lo and behold they couldn’t say it out loud , because that would be , well ,  “Oil Tanking ”  .

  • Burtonboy

    HeatherRickAkin Would you rather we signed Orpik for 5 mil +? There was fuck all out there to be had and if you notice there has been dick all trading league wide as well.

  • DCDC

    Burtonboy HeatherRickAkin 100% agree with this one, as Shanahan has said, you can’t rebuild a club on July 1, especially with our cap situation. We haven’t gotten extensively better, just sured up some obvious holes.

  • HeatherRickAkin

    Burtonboy HeatherRickAkin  No, I wasn’t dumping on the brain trust at all , and Orpik or our wounded soldier Bolland , both got $$$$ that they will likely never be worth. I have lots of time for guys like Komorov and Frattin, and who knows, someone of that ilk may actually give us more than Bolland would have. I was doing a bit of a tongue in check, suggesting that we may follow Edmontons lead , and I think we are too good to be 28th or thereabouts . But if we ever landed McDavid , we would have our Tavares or Stamkos.

  • Loric76

    Burtonboy HeatherRickAkin Agreed.  The only big contract I look at and wish we could have pulled off is Stastny, and even with that I’m not sure he’s really 1C capable and worth 7m, but for only 4 years I’d be willing to find out.  I’m fully aware there’s no way we could have gotten him on that deal though, it was a massive hometown discount

  • dlb Mad

    I am absolutely thrilled that he resigned.  Seriously.  He was the Marlies best player in the playoffs and he was a useful call-up for the Leafs.  Great guy for the youngsters to look to for leadership.
    Good stuff.

  • davidos

    Is this a one-way or two-way contract?  Hopefully the latter so we don’t loose him to waivers when/if he’s sent down to the Marlies.