The 34-year-old Johnson has 64 points and 1,403 penalty minutes in 388 career games in the ECHL and AHL. He spent all of last season with the Alaska Aces of the ECHL.

He’s appeared in only two NHL games, both in 2013-14, and made his mark in one of them versus Buffalo. There’s really only one thing hockey fans will remember Johnson from and it’s his thoroughly satisfying knockout of the NHL’s biggest-ever meatstick, John Scott.

One doesn’t anticipate the Maple Leafs ever icing a dedicated knuckle chucker under this management/coaching regime (and probably never again, given the way the NHL has changed in this respect). Mike Babcock’s Red Wings finished last in the League last year in fighting majors with eight.

However, the addition of Richard Clune (worth noting Clune can definitely play compared to Johnson) and potentially Johnson does suggest Marlies GM Kyle Dubas values the sense of security they can provide to the young (often undersized) players entering their first professional men’s league, be it the AHL or the ECHL. There is no shortage of goons still taking shifts in the AHL or the ECHL, the Marlies are again going to be a young team, and Dubas plans on growing the Solar Bears as the third tier in the development system. Can’t really hurt to have one or two around.

Sunday Links:

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    BETTMAN: Lou was somebody I was more than comfortable I could rely on in negotiations with respect to the issues that came in with free agency, particularly the transactional development of players – how do you draft and move a player along for his career, when free agency made sense, when unrestricted free agency made sense. He was very good at understanding the dynamics how it worked and where it needed to improve.
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    “There is no one-size-fits-all template for training goaltenders, just like there isn’t one for players. What works or is needed for one goaltender (or player) may not be needed or work for another,” said the strength and condition coach, who works with professional and elite amateur hockey players. “Specificity is the name of the game.”