Toronto managed two quick answers when the Washington Capitals went ahead in this game, but a pair of power-play markers in the second period went unanswered.

Washington were able to see it out fairly comfortably, as Jonathan Bernier’s struggles in net continued.

The second period made all the difference for the Capitals, who dominated chances in the frame, as the Leafs went the last half of the period with only a single Corsi event, squandering an early possession lead. Toronto made a good rally in the neutral zone numbers in the third period, which pushed them to finish well ahead in controlled entries.


After a good exchange of chances early, the Leafs went dry, out-chanced badly in the second period, and earning only one ES chance in the frame. Even in the third period, while chasing the game, the Leafs weren’t great, as the only chances they had in the last ten minutes came with an extra man.

117:5400TorLupul drivesES216194044452819277077
117:3600WshKuznetsov from WilliamsES321434547514914709092
116:2800TorHolland from loose puckES324284551564925657083
116:2500TorBoyes from reboundES324284551564925657083
116:1700WshGOAL! Chimera drivesES324284551564925657083
115:3801WshOvechkin wide from loose puckES2152342444581970747788
114:5101TorKadri deflects Marincin shotES21434546475222527657083
114:2801WshBurakovsky from AlznerES21434546475222527657083
113:4701TorGOAL! Holland from reboundES324284551564921434670
111:0211TorGrabner wide from loose puckES2161940444581970747788
108:4611WshLaich from NiskanenES15234245465222127434670
105:5611TorHolland deflects Gardiner shotES32428455156214346707488
100:5011WshNiskanen drivesES3152342455121470749092
219:0011TorRielly drivesES3214344454721427709092
216:2511WshSchmidt post from LattaES3162143455122143467088
215:5411WshGOAL! Wilson from loose puckES216194044452819274370
215:3212WshOshie wide from AlznerES216194044452819277077
213:3412TorGOAL! Komarov deflects Phaneuf shotPP31921434547227437083
209:1022WshOvechkin from CarlsonSH24045465681970747790
208:5222WshGOAL! Johansson deflects Ovechkin shotSH24045465681970747790
207:5623WshJohansson from WilliamsES32143454751147074889092
206:3423WshGOAL! Williams from ChimeraSH234445525681425707492
200:4624WshCarlson from BackstromSH2345475681970747790
200:3024WshBeagle deflects Niskanen shot wideSH16404546522943657083
319:2224WshOvechkin deflects Alzner shot wideES216194044452819277077
318:2724WshKuznetsov drives wideES32123424551147074889092
317:0224TorBoyes wraparoundES3242845515622127434670
313:1724WshOshie drivesES1619404546522819277077
310:0324TorHunwick from LupulES2161940444581970747788
309:0624TorLupul from reboundPP31921434547227437083
309:0124TorVan Riemsdyk post from reboundPP31921434547227437083
308:4124TorHolland post from PhaneufPP315244245472170747788
304:4024WshOvechkin from loose puckES215234244458914707492
304:3424WshOvechkin wide from loose puckES2152142444581470748892
302:2124WshSchmidt from WilliamsES154244454656142570748388
301:1424TorVan Riemsdyk from loose puckEN319214347512819277077

Leafs Player Data

Van Riemsdyk2625.0%15:4857.1%56.7%52.9%38.5%

Tyler Bozak’s line had a tough night, as both of Toronto’s top lines struggled to control the Capitals’ offense. Bozak, with Shawn Matthias and P.A. Parenteau, didn’t generate a single chance at ES, and they were on for more Capitals chances than any other line. James Van Riemsdyk and Nazem Kadri also had poor numbers, and while they were able to generate a couple of chances, they weren’t close to even.

Neither of those lines faced a lot of the Ovechkin line, as most of that assignment went to Nick Spaling with Joffrey Lupul and Michael Grabner. That line did decently, managing to pretty much break even in chances. The bright spot for the Leafs was Peter Holland’s line, as he and Brad Boyes, going mostly against the bottom two Washington lines, were the best Leafs in terms of chances.

Roman Polak and Martin Marincin played very little against the top two lines, but still finished at the bottom of the defence in terms of chance differential, as they weren’t able to turn those match-ups into many chances. Morgan Rielly and Matt Hunwick got the easiest zone starts, but mostly tough assignments, going heavily against the Ovechkin line, and they both ended up out-chanced by three.