The Maple Leafs had one of their strongest games of the season, but there was very little even strength scoring on the night.

The Devils managed a pair of power-play goals, while the Leafs were the beneficiary of a strange goal from centre ice and ended up forcing a shoot-out. Nazem Kadri continued his strong run with the clinching goal, and the Leafs were able to head to their week off in high spirits.

Toronto dominated the possession numbers, and that was clearly reflected in these numbers. They limited the Devils to just seven ES chances, and heavily out-chanced them overall, as well as dominating the neutral zone, limiting the Devils both in total entries and in controlled entries.


New Jersey had a strong pair of powerplays in the opening period, and that produced the bulk of their chances, as they didn’t earn an ES chance until midway through the second frame. The Leafs also had a series of effective powerplays, and had the better of the final period, out-chancing the Devils 5-2 in the last six minutes and overtime.

118:3600NJDGOAL! Stempniak deflects Moore shotSH23140525621314202635
116:2001TorPhaneuf from HollandES23243143472514213548
110:4901TorVan Riemsdyk from BozakPP3152128314256142035
104:2611NJDStempniak from EliasSH22331465621314202635
104:0211NJDStempniak deflects Cammarlleri shotSH22331465621314202635
103:5711NJDElias from reboundSH22331465621314202635
103:5011TorFroese drivesSH22331465621320222635
103:3911NJDTootoo from JosefsonSH31631404421316223551
103:3311NJDJosefson wide from reboundSH31631404481621223551
102:0911TorHolland drives wideES2243143464761118232835
101:1611TorBoyes from BozakPP3152128314256111835
101:0111TorBoyes deflects Phaneuf shotPP3152128314256111835
217:5611TorVan Riemsdyk deflects Bozak shotPP3152128314256142035
217:4821TorGOAL! Van Riemsdyk deflects Phaneuf shotPP3152128314256111835
213:1421NJDHenrique from SeversonES2152131424421420283548
210:3221TorParenteau from BozakPP3152128314256111635
208:5921TorWinnik wide from loose puckES1626314044462816182635
208:5321TorGrabner wide from WinnikES1626314044462816182635
208:0021NJDCammalleri from StempniakSH21631404621314202635
206:4021NJDGOAL! Palmieri from SchlemkoSH32331444781621223551
202:3522NJDFarnham from EliasES3243143475171823262835
201:1822TorKadri wide from faceoffPP24314347515656162035
200:4222TorHolland from KadriPP3243143475667162035
200:3822TorHolland from reboundPP3243143475667162035
200:1822TorHolland wide from PhaneufPP3243143475667162035
316:1122TorPhaneuf wide from GrabnerES231626314082628354851
313:2122NJDCammalerri wide from reboundES2162631404421316212835
310:3522TorBozak drivesES315213142517813163548
306:4322NJDPalmeiri drives wideES3162631405121121283548
306:2622TorWinnik drivesES16263140444621123283548
306:0322NJDGreene from JosefsonES224314344475613162035
305:2122TorParenteau from loose puckES315213142517821263548
305:1222TorParenteau from reboundES315213142517821263548
300:3422NJDMoore from JosefsonES23152131422513162035
402:2822TorKomarov from reboundES213144476132035
401:0722TorGrabner wraparoundES23140436263548
401:0022TorKadri drivesES23140436263548
400:4722NJDGreene wraparoundES213144476132635

Leafs Player Data

Van Riemsdyk4357.1%13:0850.0%50.0%52.6%26.3%

It was an excellent night from Michael Grabner, Nick Spaling and Daniel Winnik, who played more ES time against the Cammalleri line than any other Leaf line and still managed to finish on top of the table in terms of chances while boasting excellent Corsi numbers. That is despite not receiving single offensive zone start, which didn’t cause much harm to their chance numbers.

The two top lines also played well, with Tyler Bozak and James van Riemsdyk putting up some excellent numbers for controlled entries, as well as finishing positive in chances. Shawn Matthias with Brad Boyes and Byron Froese didn’t get a lot of ES ice time, and had a very quiet night, not on for a chance either way. Matthias and Froese were both not on the ice for a single Devils controlled entry.

Roman Polak mostly avoided the top New Jersey line, and ended up posting excellent numbers, not on for a single chance against. Martin Marincin mirrored the Matthias line with a very quiet, low-event nine minutes. Matt Hunwick and Morgan Rielly had the biggest defensive assignment, and finished just above even in chances while doing a strong job of preventing controlled entries for the Devils.