Toronto extended its strong recent run with a win over Calgary.

After exchanging goals in the first two periods, Toronto took the lead early in the third, and then added a couple of late scores to extend the advantage to three. Toronto has won four of their last five games as the young Leafs have started to find their footing.


Toronto led in possession for most of the game, but didn’t show the same domination in the other metrics. They were basically even with the Flames in chances, as well as in zone entries, with Calgary making up a deficit in controlled entries as they pushed for an equalizer.

After Toronto started well, Calgary had a big push early in the second period, before Toronto responded with a couple of solid powerplay stretches. Toronto were able to hold onto their lead in the last ten minutes, allowing only a couple of chances, although the Flames did threaten to equalize with a strong run midway through the frame.

115:4200TorSmith wide from reboundES8232638455111117263367
112:2500TorNylander wide from LeivoPP15233239455113232664
108:3300TorGOAL! Parenteau from NylanderES11152029394513787993
104:3410CgyMonahan from GaudreauES1840434445521513232764
219:3510CgyGaudreau drivesES1840434445521513162327
217:1410TorRielly from GrabnerSH2640444552158132327
217:0610CgyColborne drivesSH2640444552158132327
216:2710CgyColborne from GaudreauSH26404552158132327
215:5610CgyGaudreau from HamiltonSH26404552158132327
214:5310CgyColborne from loose puckSH1645515254158132327
214:4510CgyColborne from HamiltonSH2640455152158132327
213:4510TorNylander from HymanES111520293945137111767
213:3110TorGreening from reboundPP1618384344451571623
209:5310TorNylander post from ParenteauPP1523323945511571723
205:3411TorGOAL! Hyman deflects Nylander shotES8111539455111117263367
204:2721TorNylander wide from ParenteauPP1523323945511571167
204:0921TorLeivo wide from LaichPP1523323945511571167
203:5721TorNylander from LaichPP1523323945511571167
202:3921CgyHamilton drives wideES112644455254158132793
202:2821CgyGOAL! Colborne deflects Giordano shotES112644455254158132793
201:5222TorNylander drives wideES11152029394511826335264
316:3432TorHyman drivesES1115202939451818263379
315:5332TorGrabner from RiellyES1840434445521313162333
315:3732TorRielly form loose puckES1840434445521313162333
315:3132CgyGaudreau from MonahanES1632434445521511172767
314:4132CgyMonahan from loose puckES1840434445521513232779
312:5932CgyFrolik wide from JokkipakkaES81115394551137111767
310:4632CgyJokkipakka from BacklundES8183843455213571167
304:2232TorGrabner drivesES1840434445521513232793
304:1332CgyHamilton wide from GaudreauES1840434445521513232793
303:5532CgyFerland from loose puckES232638444552158112779

Leafs Player Data


After some early struggles in terms of chances, William Nylander has come into his own in the last week, including a three-point game on Monday. His line, alongside Zach Hyman and P.A. Parenteau, was key to the Leafs‘ success as the only unit to outchance the opposition. Nylander’s line also led in controlled entries, a feat normally reserved for Nazem Kadri’s line. It will be interesting to see how Nylander will fare against two powerful, skilled centers in Ryan Getzlaf and Ryan Kesler on Thursday — a stiff test and a good learning opportunity.

For his part, Kadri, alongside Milan Michalek and Michael Grabner, were matched up against Johnny Gaudreau. While they did produce a few chances, they were clearly outchanced, and were the worst defensive line.

The other two lines had quiet nights, with just one chance produced between them.

Frank Corrado and Rinat Valiev had a strong game together, mostly playing against Matt Stajan and his line. Neither man was on for a chance against, and they had several good shifts with William Nylander’s line. Boht finished at +4. The top pairing of Morgan Rielly and Martin Marincin, who matched up against Gaudreau, had a tough game from a defensive perspective, on together for eight of the Leafs‘ ten ES changes against.