For the second straight game, the Maple Leafs were behind by two after a poor opening period.

William Nylander had two points and the Leafs got within a goal twice, but Toronto fell to a second straight defeat.

Toronto led in Corsi for much of the game, and moved ahead in total chances after the third period, but, as with the Buffalo game, were well behind in chances while the score was close. The Leafs also managed a slight edge in controlled entries, and finished pretty clearly ahead in Corsi.


Another terrible start saw the Leafs surrender the first ten chances of the game, and they were behind 16-4 just after the midway point. After that, the game was all Toronto as they closed the game on a 16-2 run, including the last eleven chances. Those came as they pushed for an equalizer, with only one ending up in the net.

118:3500DetEricsson from TatarES232931485456141521253552
118:3300DetTatar wide from GreenES232931485456141521253552
111:5700DetZetterberg from AbdelkaderSH314044525481435405571
111:1200DetGOAL! Richards from GreenSH2331445256131721253539
110:1401DetSheahan drives wideES282931404348141521354755
108:0801DetLarkin wide from faceoffES28293140434882735406571
108:0201DetZetterberg wraparoundES28293140434882735406571
107:5501DetAbdelkader from reboundES28293140434882735406571
102:1002DetHelm deflects Quincey shotES152031383951131727354365
101:5502DetSheahan deflects Kronwall shot wideES233144525456141521354755
101:2302TorLaich wraparoundES233144525456141521354755
217:5802DetGlendening from reboundES152031385154273539416572
217:1602TorGOAL! Greening from NylanderES153138394452273539406572
212:5912DetAthanasiou wide from RichardsES282931434854172535415272
212:3812DetEricsson deflects Mantha shot wideES282931434854253539415272
210:5512TorParenteau from GardinerES15203142511314273565
210:3312DetNyquist drivesPP1520313943511435414765
209:3512TorKadri from reboundES153138434452152535414752
209:2312DetSheahan from GreenES153138434852152127354065
209:1412DetTatar wide from giveawayES313742464852152127354065
207:4812TorParenteau wide from NylanderES152031515456131725354352
207:3712TorParenteau from RiellyEN152038394456131725354352
206:2012TorKadri from BoyesPP2831424344461535434755
206:1012TorRielly from BozakPP2831424344461535434755
205:4712TorLindberg from RiellyPP2831424344461535434755
202:2012DetZetterberg from KronwallSH314044525681435405571
319:3712DetAbdelkader from LarkinES28314043445282735406571
319:1212TorParenteau from NylanderES153138394451131735434755
316:4712TorKadri from reboundES28314043445181435404755
315:5013TorLaich from GauthierES232931485456141521253552
315:4913TorLaich from reboundES232931485456141521253552
315:0413TorKadri drivesES28314043445283540475571
314:5213TorGrabner wide from BoyesES28314043445283540475571
307:1613TorGreening deflects Gardiner shot widePP153138394351835414755
305:5013TorKapanen wide from loose puckPP2831374244461527354365
302:3913TorLindberg from BozakEN37424344465183540414755
302:1813TorRielly from LaichEN233742444651131727354365
301:0713TorGOAL! Nylander from KadriEN15282939435283540414755

Leafs Player Data


Brad Boyes moved onto a line with Nazem Kadri and Michael Grabner, but that trio struggled — heavily outchanced primarily against the Zetterberg line. Kadri and Boyes were the worst among the forwards at -4.

William Nylander had a relatively quiet night in terms of chances, although he was effective on the scoresheet. P.A. Parenteau, normally on his line, had a couple of effective shifts away from Nylander, finishing with the best chance numbers of the forwards.

Frederik Gauthier, playing with Byron Froese and Brooks Laich, also had a busy night, generating a decent amount of offense against the Detroit fourth line. Tyler Bozak, still with his two young teammates, had a quiet game, only on for only a couple of chances both ways.

Andrew Campbell and T.J. Brennan were again the weak point in the Leaf defence, as they played much less than the other pairings but were easily the worst defensively. Campbell was on for ten ES chances against, a team low, and Brennan wasn’t far behind. Morgan Rielly, on the other hand, had another very strong game, and was excellent at limiting controlled entries. He played mostly with Martin Marincin, but had a few good minutes with Jake Gardiner as well.