Lou Lamoriello addressed the media Friday evening following the July 1 free agency frenzy.

On today’s one Leaf move:
As we said all along, we are extremely happy with where we are and the direction we’re going. We’re not going to change unless we could add something that would help that process; help support that. That’s what we were able to do today.

On whether he foresees an increased role for Matt Martin in Toronto:
Not necessarily. Fortunately, we’ve got a lot of young players here. I think that everything that happens these days is too much money. I don’t see many contracts that were signed that I would say were not “too much money.” I’ve said this year in and year out. But when you feel there is a need, and there is a short supply, if you can get, in your mind, the best player available for that [need], you have to make that decision.

On whether the Leafs talked to other FAs today:
We really weren’t in the market, so to speak, to do much, but you talk and you’re aware of what’s going on. If there is something unique that comes about that can help you, you have to do that. All of our staff is involved in that.

On whether more moves are expected in the next few days:
Unless it happens, I’m trying to stay away from hypotheticals. I think what we do is just do what we do best every single day. When there is an opportunity, we’ll make a decision.

On Matt Martin as “protection” for the young guys:
I don’t know what word you’d call it, but it’s certainly a support to allow them to feel freer to do the things they do best as far as how they play.

On missing out on Steven Stamkos:
First of all, we had interest in Steve Stamkos. That did not work out. He’s back in Tampa, so I really don’t have discussion about another team’s player. Yes, we did have interest.

On what separates Matt from other fourth line players in the league:
Certainly his size and strength, and we feel his skating is very good. I’ve had the good experience of playing against him for a good number of years where I came from. I’ve seen him over a period of time. Our staff liked him, our coaching staff liked him, and that’s the most important thing.

On Mike Babcock’s role in the move:
He was totally supportive. Our whole staff was. You wouldn’t do this, I would not do this, unless we were all on board for the right reasons. If someone felt the other way and could talk you out of it, you have to listen. Each type of situation, no matter what you do, you have to have everyone feeling good about it. Not necessarily everyone agrees, but they have to feel good about it.

On staying relatively quiet while other teams within the division were spending:
I’ve said this all along – You’re not competing against anyone else. You’re competing against yourself to put together the best team you possibly can. You can’t allow what’s going around you to make you think I should or shouldn’t do something. What somebody does isn’t our business nor should it ever influence us.

On targeting a defenceman:
I don’t think we’re targeting anything right now. As I said if there was something that became available… But if nothing transpires, we feel very good. I think we try to get ahead of the game sometimes with the addition of the goaltender we were able to get prior to the draft. Now, in addition to a size and strength forward that can play a certain role, we feel pretty good.

On Joffrey Lupul’s status:
I have no comment on that situation right now. Joffrey is on our roster and I think that’s all I have to say.

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