Lou Lamoriello’s comments, scrimmage highlights and Leafs TV interviews from the final day of 2017 Toronto Maple Leafs Development camp on Wednesday, July 12.

How important is this seven day process in the big picture moving forward?

Lamoriello: First of all, it’s important to get all of the players here and give them knowledge of exactly what it’s all about, and then a chance to look at some free agents. We’ll have a meeting later to see if there are any people that we will bring back to training camp.

What are we to read into, if anything, the free agents beating the draft picks?

Lamoriello: I don’t think you can read into that at all. Just look at both lineups. They’re fairly even, quite frankly, as far as the forwards go. If we had just two of our forwards — Grundstrom and so forth — I think you’d see a bigger difference.

Last year, Trevor Moore makes an impact and garners a contract. There is a chance here, obviously, for someone to open your eyes and maybe find a way into the organization.

Lamoriello: No question. We’ll talk about it a little later. Right now, we’ll just digest everything that has transpired and have a chance to talk to the people we drafted this year that weren’t at the draft; just make sure their summer is being done the way it should be.

Can you give us an update on Bracco and Woll?

Lamoriello: Bracco has a case of mono at this point. That will be just a little while in recovery. Woll just had a hamstring [issue] that wasn’t serious. We didn’t want to take a chance at all.

Do you see it as a setback for Bracco to have missed this camp?

Lamoriello: I don’t look at it as a setback unless it takes longer than it should. We know what he can do, but his summer training is very important. So hopefully he can get at that as quickly as he can.

Jack Walker was a late round pick last year. He is in Minnesota at their camp. Can you explain how that whole thing works?

Lamoriello: Sure, we did not qualify him on the date of June 30th, so he is a free agent.

What are your thoughts on Adam Brooks and what are your expectations for him in his first year as a pro?

Lamoriello: There is no question of his abilities. All you have to do is look at his record in junior. He’ll come to the Marlies. It’ll take a little time, there is no question. It is a jump. The American Hockey League is a good league. We expect him to do well.

What did you see from Liljegren and what’s his status? He’s got a year left on his contract in Sweden.

Lamoriello: As far as what we saw, we saw exactly what we thought we would. An outstanding skater with great poise out there. I was impressed with him not taking chances or trying to be impressive. He’s a rushing defenceman. I thought that he was very poised and did all of the little things. We’re extremely happy with him. We’ll make a decision as far his future in a short period of time.

Yegor Korshkov was a pick from last year that we haven’t seen at the camps in the last year. Do you have an update on him and how he’s doing in the KHL?

Lamoriello: He’s doing fine. He’s in training. We haven’t seen him other than a year or so ago. Once we get him here, we’ll know more.

Your prospects who have gone home for a bit but maybe come back to Toronto — is it a credit to the facilities here in Toronto and the organization’s support to have them here in the summertime working together toward the fall?

Lamoriello: We’re fortunate with the way the rules are now that they can work out. Having him here, the facilities are just exceptional. As I said when I came here, I was extremely impressed. I’m more impressed each day. We added a shooting room. We have a lot of little things that give players an opportunity to get better.

Back to Liljegren — I know you said you’re going to make a decision with him later. Is everything on the table with him or are there limited possibilities? Is North America junior a possibility or North America pro a possibility?

Lamoriello: He’ll do one of two things: He’ll either go back to Europe and play or he’ll play with the Marlies. He will not go to junior.

Any update on Frederik Gauthier or Roman Polak?

Lamoriello: They’re both rehabbing. As far as what the doctors tell me, they were both serious injuries as we all know. I haven’t heard of any setbacks. I think that’s the only information I can give.

Can you give us an update on Connor Brown?

Lamoriello: As I said, we’ll have him in training camp. We’ll do everything we can to get that done as quickly as we can.

Can you share whether you’ve asked for LTIR relief for the summer?

Lamoriello: We are [using] Long Term Injury Reserve.

Jake Tortora was one of the kids who looked pretty good here in a tryout situation. What did you think watching him and what he did this week?

Lamoriello: He played well. He played very well. He’s going to school. He’s going to Boston College.

You guys did things a little differently this year. Scott said he wanted a bigger camp for a variety of reasons. Did you enjoy the large number of players? Did it work for you? Might you revisit it for next year?

Lamoriello: I thought it worked out great. I thought Kyle Dubas and Scott Pellerin and Sheldon Keefe did a great job of organizing the camp and putting it together and doing all of the little things. I thought it couldn’t have run any more smoothly.

You added Hainsey, you added two Swedes, and you expect Dermott to compete for a spot in training camp. Are you satisfied with the state of your defence going into training camp?

Lamoriello: We are today and I’ll let you know later on when training camp has ended.

Any personnel additions coming in terms of the Marlies having to add an assistant coach and any other movement?

Lamoriello: The Marlies will certainly be adding an assistant coach. When that decision comes, you’ll know.

How about you? Any news on you?

Lamoriello: We don’t talk about me. You know that.

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