Mitch Marner, Toronto Maple Leafs
Photo: Getty Images

In Episode 18 of the MLHS Podcast, Elliotte Friedman joined the show to discuss the fallout of the Leafs’ latest spectacular playoff failure and the fascinating offseason ahead for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Episode Overview

  • What to expect from Wednesday evening’s press availabilities from Leafs management, and the heat Mitch Marner is taking (0:50)
  • What is next for the team this offseason, the plausibility of trading Marner, and the Seth Jones speculation (6:15)
  • The missed opportunity for the Leafs this season with their path to the semifinal, the offseason decisions under a tight cap (11:30)
  • What ownership might be thinking after a fifth straight first-round exit (14:50)
  • Whether Kyle Dubas would be allowed to make another coaching change (17:20)
  • The report that Marner didn’t want to play a certain area of the power play, their man-advantage failures, and the sway Marner/Matthews hold (18:50)
  • Whether all of the Big Four are going to return, the prospects on the way (26:00)
  • Is there any chance Nick Foligno could return next season? (36:00)
  • The Tucker/Alfredsson incident, the hatred of the Leafs-Sens rivalry of that era, and Pat Quinn’s coaching style (37:30)
  • Marner’s comment that the power play report was a “complete lie” (44:00)
  • How bold could the Leafs be this offseason? (49:00)